Destiny 2 Corridors of Time Part 1 Guide

Learn how to complete the Corridors of Time quest step for Impossible Task in the latest Destiny 2 season and reunite with an old legend

With the new Season of Dawn finally out in Destiny 2, players have more seasonal quests to dive into. One such quest is The Impossible Task which will give multiple objectives to complete. After farming the required challenging Vex Cores, the next step of the quest will have players completing Corridors of Time Part 1. This Destiny 2 Corridors of Time Part 1 guide will help you finish this step of the quest.

Destiny 2 Corridors of Time Part 1

Interact with the console next to Osiris at the Sundial Spire to begin Corridors of Time Part 1 quest.

Enter the Corridors of Time
The first objective that you will get is to Enter the Corridors of Time. Here you will see only one other object as you move around, go towards it and you will see it is the corridor of time.

Traverse the Corridors of Time
As you get through the first corridor, you will get the new objective to traverse through the corridor. Here, you will face some enemies as well so keep moving forward while killing a few but don’t stop for them as you only have to traverse the corridor to get to the next point.

Go through the door with the flower symbol on it. You will get to another arena with enemies, kill all those enemies and get through that arena to the next door. This time you will have to get through the door with snake symbol.

You will get to another arena with more enemies, fight and finish them all. Keep going as you traverse through the corridor with all the arenas, until you get to a door with flower symbol on it. This will get you to the Zephyr Station Perimeter.

Search for Saint-14
From here you will get to the Zephyr station where you will have to fight a huge amount of enemies and you will hear from Saint-14 who is fighting all of them alone and is asking for help. You will go there and help Saint-14

Keep going forward, eliminating enemies until you will see Saint-14 who has created a shield to protect against all attacks. You can go inside the circle to get your Super charged instantly. And then can get back again to fight those enemies.

This will be a long fight with lots of enemies coming in so stay strong and fight. Keep an eye out for flanking enemies as they can make their way into the circle. Deal with the Servitor first to prevent it from shielding Fallen Walkers so that these tanks don’t become a problem.

After you are done with all the hostiles, talk to Saint-14. Here you will have a dialogue with the Saint and then you will be asked to arm Saint-14.

You will give him his trusty Perfect Paradox shotgun and then the dialogue will continue. After the dialogue is done, you will get the cutscene.