Destiny 2 Beyond Light Empire Hunt: The Warrior Walkthrough

In this Destiny 2 Beyond light guide, we will walk you through this mission and help you defeat Phylaks in Empire Hunt: The Warrior

After you’ve completed Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s campaign and finished open-world activities (Defeating the Fallen and a couple of bosses), a new mission begins. This new mission is called Empire Hunt: The Warrior and in this Destiny 2 Beyond light guide, we will walk you through this mission and help you defeat Phylaks.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Empire Hunt: The Warrior

In this mission, you will have to find Phylaks and then kill her like all the other bosses.

This boss is located in the facility found in Europa. How are you going to find her? How will you finally slay the warrior? All this will be answered in this guide.

How to Find Phylaks?

You will find the warrior in Nexus, Europa. When you spawn, follow the quest marker.

When you are inside the facility, go to the right side to find a Wyvern boss here.

You will need to defeat it to be able to shoot down the cube, which will open the gate from where you must proceed.

Pass through the gate and go to Well of Infinitude, following the quest marker.

Well of Infinitude will surely test your combat skills as it is basically a large area with several rooms where each room will pit you against a different enemy.

The first room has the fallen snipers and the second one has Shanks. You need to kill the champions of these two rooms as well to proceed.

The last room has two Wyvern bosses. You need to successfully bring them down so you can shoot the two cubes in front of you.

Once you hit the cubes, a gate will open, which will lead you to the pivotal point of the mission. This room is where you will be up against Phylaks, the warrior.

Defeating Phylaks

The fight with Phylaks will proceed in three phases. Each of these phases will result in taking your fight to a whole new arena.

The phases will change as you deplete Phylak’s health. With every one-third depletion of his health, a new phase begins.

In the first phase of the fight, Phylaks chooses to stay on the ground. He will occasionally approach you to hit you but will mostly use Adds and Stasis against you.

In the second phase of the fight, the arena will modify and this time, there will be no ground beneath your feet.

You will need to jump on the platforms on your right to reach Phylaks, but before you do that, you will need to defeat enemies that Phylaks summons against you.

In the third phase, the strategy will be the same. But this time, you need to go to the platforms on your left side. Defeat Phylaks and power yourself up.

In this phase, finally, you will interact with her head on! Use stasis against her. Once you are charged up, use your abilities against her and finish her off.

Upon defeating Phylaks, you will be able to obtain Phylaksis Spinter of Darkness Material.