Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder Guide

This Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder guide will help you understand the purpose of Braytech Transponder and how to get it.

With the release of the long-awaited Beyond Light chapter of Destiny 2, players now have more missions, and weekly activities to look forward to. This Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder guide will help you understand the purpose of Braytech Transponder.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Braytech Transponder

Braytech Transponder is a new item that you need to use for the new weekly quest.

It spawns an enemy called House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader, who you need to kill to get a map. This map is then used to locate and kill other enemies to earn rewards.

The first this to do is to get the transponder. The transponder can be only bought from Variks, and can only be purchased once a month. Transponder costs you 50 Herealways Pieces to buy.

Once you buy the transponder, a patrol area is marked on the map, where you need t go and kill the newly spawned enemy. The area is always in the Eclipse Zone.

The enemy, House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader is a yellow bar foe that appears in the Eclipse Zone.

He is usually accompanied by normal rank and file enemies is the patrol area.

The enemy spawns in different location inside the Eclipse Zone, and you need to scour the area to find him. Once you find him, kill him.

Upon killing the Techno Squad Leader, he will drop a hologram. In case you are not familiar with the new Deep Stone Crypt, the hologram will lead you to your next targets.

Picking up the hologram will display a text, “Scanner x3”. with this, you are tasked with destroying three swarms of flying drones.

Each of these drones will drop a blue tier item, and when all three are destroyed, you will receive a purple tier item.

On approaching these drone colonies, you will notice that one of the drones is marked yellow. Shoot this drone first.

Once it is down, a second drone in the colony will be marked, and so on.

Upon finishing off a colony, a stack will be removed from your scanner buff to x2.

Now follow the same trick in taking down the other two colonies as well. Once each of the swarm is taken out, interact with the flat console nearby.

The following are some of the drone locations known as of now.

Riss-Reborn Approach Scanner Drones

Drone Swarm 1 and 2
Upon reaching the marked location, the first two clumps of the drones can be located on either side of the bridge that connects the two major buildings in this area.

When you arrive here, it is most likely that either Fallen or Vex enemies will spawn, so make sure you clear them out before you go after the drones.

Once each of the swarm is dealt with, the consoles can be located on the right railing guard.

Drone Swarm 3
Once the first two are dealt with, head inside the building and follow the hallway. Use the elevator to get to the next floor, then kill all the enemies here.

Once the floor is clear, look up and you will see the last drone swarm flying around. Destroy it ad interact with the console to get your final reward.

Vex Sectors Scanner Drones

Drone Swarms 1 and 2
These are in the Well of Infinitude. Get to the large room that is usually sealed off by a Vex Shield, and here, blast the drones flying above.

The other drones are in the next room. Make sure to interact with the panels after you destroy them.

Drone Swarm 3
This drone is at the corner of the patrol zone, just before the boss room where Brig drops in Empire Hunt.

Destroy the drone and interact with the panel to get your rewards.

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