Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide

Deep Stone Crypt is the latest raid in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This raid consists of several different encounters and we have detailed all of them for you!.

Deep Stone Crypt is the latest raid in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This raid consists of several different encounters and in this guide, we have the complete Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid guide for you.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt Raid

To start the raid, open the director menu and head to Europa to start the raid.

Below we have listed all the different sections of the raid and how to navigate through them.

Pike and Sparrow

At the start of the raid, your first objective will be to get to the next zone using your vehicle.

There will be different bubbles throughout the area that will act as checkpoints and remove the ‘Frostbite’ effect.

This will kill you if you get hit 10 times before reaching a bubble. The bubble provides the ‘Shelter’ buff which will remove the effects of Frostbite debuff.

During your journey, you will also have to make sure to stay safe from spider mines and cliffs and when you reach the final bubble, the section will be completed.

Crypt Security

This is the second section of the raid and will require you to coordinate with other players in order to get through easily.

Make sure you equip a high DPS weapon for the section where you will have to deal with a lot of enemies.

The best way to deal with this section of the Deep Stone Crypt raid is to divide the team into two parts.

One part of the team will be tackling the dark side of the room while the other part of the team will make their way through the light side of the room.

Two players on each part of the team will have the Scanner’ role while one person on the light side of the team will be assigned the role ‘Operator’.

Scanners on each side of the team will have to kill a Fallen hacker Vandal marked by a yellow marker.

On the left side of the room, the Scanner needs to find panels through the floor and then call them out to the Operator.

The Operator needs to shoot the glowing panels. Once you have shot the panels on one side, use the augmentation device to pass the Scanner buff to the other part of the team.

Again, the Scanner on the other side needs to identify the panels which will then be shot by the Operator.

After all the panels have been shot, then the next objective will be to damage the cylinders.

The players other than Scanners and Operator will need to destroy the cylinders called by the Scanner.

The Scanner buff will be needed to identify the correct cylinder that needs to be destroyed.

You will need to destroy a total of 6 cylinders to complete this section of the raid. Reward can be claimed from the chest which is present on the dark side of the area.

To make things easier, both the scanner buff and the operator buff rooms have terminals that can be used by the operators and scanners to reach the respective location and to finish their jobs.

During the encounter, Sentinel Servitors will spawn too and the team players not having any role should kill them quickly.

Before heading to the basement make sure that all four keypads that need to be destroyed are found so that things become easier to deal with, in the basement. The scanner needs to make sure to find the buff before the fire kills him.

After activating the keypads the fuses will appear and now can be damaged but to make sure that the order in which you shoot them is right.

The operator needs to go to the basement entrance, put the red buff in the terminal, the player assigned with no role should pick the buff up and finally the scanner should put his buff in the terminal. Now the operator will pick up the yellow buff and become the scanner.

Now the fuses in the dark and the light rooms have to be shot down using heavy weapons.

Holding the Scanner buff will result in certain fuses to glow up. Shoot them down, repeat the process till all of them are shot down.


When you are done with the first encounter of the raid, you will automatically be transferred to a new area where the next section of the raid will take place.

When you arrive in the new area, you will have to fight against Atraks-1. In the fight, you will have to damage the replicants of Atraks-1 while ejecting the debuffs from him to space.

Like the previous section, again divide your team into two parts.

One will be Ground team having one Scanner among them, while the other will be Space team which will have one Scanner and One Operator.

At the start of the encounter, defeat all the Sentinel Servitors and then clear the Operator Vandals to obtain the buff.

Then the space team will make their way to the space using the elevator. Space team’s task will be to clear the vandals in order to get the Scanner buff.

The Scanner buff will be held by the Vandal with the yellow icon.

When you get the Scanner Buff, wait for a message and then find the Atraks-1 clone which will be glowing yellow.

Kill this clone as soon as possible otherwise your whole team will be wiped.

After you successfully kill the clone, pass down the Scanner to the ground team and then repeat the same process again.

In total, four Atraks-1 clones will be killed in every phase.

When all four debuffs have been collected and required clones are killed, the 4 players holding the debuff should get into the airlock to be shot by the Operator to eject the debuff into space.

Every correct clone kill will damage the Boss.

In the last phase of the fight, Atraks-1 clones will start a wipe mechanic and you will have to defeat them in correct sequence to finish off the boss and this section.

Descent Puzzle

In the next section of the raid, you will have to solve a jumping puzzle. Your aim is to make your way inside the station, avoiding the deep drops below.

If you are having difficulties crossing the gaps, use your swords to help you.

Taniks Reborn

In this section, you will be fighting against Taniks Reborn. In this section, you will be taking different roles instead of dividing the teams.

The roles can be picked up as buffs from vandals in the area. The yellow buff is the Scanner role, the red buff is the Operator and the blue buff is for the Suppressor.

After collecting the buffs, first up will be Scanner who has to find out which bucket will take in the nuclear cores.

Next up will be Operator who has to get the nuclear cores by shooting the keypads. While Scanner and Oppressor do their job, Suppressor will be on security, looking out for drones.

The scanners and operators can do their job only if the suppressor makes sure that the boss is stunned. When the boss appears to be glowing blue, he needs to be damaged so that the carriers can dunk in the nuclear cores.

The three players will also get their buff deactivated so you need to make sure you back them off when needed if you are not playing at such role.

Whenever the buff will be deactivated, you need to pick it back up from the terminal to reactivate and obtain the respective role.

Carrying the cores will also stack up the radiation debuff which will eventually result in the carrier, dying! Make sure that only one player isn’t always carrying the toxic devices around.

After collecting the nuclear cores, switch buffs to other players while suppressor shoots taniks standing under three drones.

After the nuclear cores are deposited, switch out at the Augment station. Keep repeating the above process until the hatch at the center of the area unlocks.

When that happens, drop down it along with the rest of your team and continue to the next section.

Taniks the Abomination

This is the last section and encounter of the raid. He is the final boss of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. In this section, you will be divided into different groups and each group has different callouts.

Spawn/white is near the area where you spawn with the fireteam. Left/blue is the area to the left of the boss and Right/orange is the area to the right of the boss.

During the fight, there will be 1 Scanner in the team whose job is to spot the deposit boxes where his team will bank the nuclear cores.

The suppressor’s job is to help the team fight with mobs and clear the Tanik security drones so that your team can reach the deposit boxes identified by Scanner.

Operator’s role in this fight will be to free the teammates that have been captured by Tanik’s bubble. Hit the critical spots of the bubble to remove the field and free your teammates.

Coming to the nuclear cores, they are dropped when you hit the fuel engines on Tanik’s vehicle and the cores can be picked by any team member except Operator and Suppressor.

There is a debuff that activates when you pick up a nuclear core and if it stacks to 10, you will die.

To escape it, make sure that you drop the core before the stack reaches 10 and it will where off after a while and you can pick up the core and deposit it.

Tanik also has another trick up his sleeve. When the Suppressor stuns Taniks, it will deactivate the buff of one of the roles.

During this time, you will not be able to use your buff, so drop it off at the nearest augment device to pick it up later, or hand it over to another player.

After you deposit 4 nuclear cores, Taniks will travel to the center of the arena and now, you and your team will have to damage him using your weapons.

Taniks will create two rings around itself which will damage you if you are in them. Stand in the safe area between the two rings and continue hitting the boss.

When his health is less than 25%, he will start teleporting around the area.

Keep hitting him until his health bar depletes. Once he is dead, the raid will complete and you can receive your rewards.

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