How to Complete Astral Alignment in Destiny 2

This guide will help you complete Astral Alignment offensive in Destiny 2 by outlining all the necessary steps that you need to take

Destiny 2 brings a whole new slew of new content with its Season of the Lost. However, due to the sheer scale of the new season, completing new tasks is not always easy. This guide will help you complete the Astral Alignment offensive in Destiny 2.

How to Complete Astral Alignment in Destiny 2

The Astral Alignment Offensive in Destiny 2 lets 6 players form a team and charge their way to the Wayfinder’s Compass. Their objective is to awaken old Ley Lines within the Dream City.

You will start in Blind Well and face multiple enemies. You will go through the Dream City and inside the city, you will place your compass into the center terminal. The terminal will charge the compass and once it is charged, it will transport you to the next location.

Taken Waves

After you get to the next location in the quest, you will face off against multiple waves of Taken. In each wave, there will be a distinct Taken with a circle over his head. Your main objective is to kill them.

They will drop their essence when killed and you need to collect this. Gather all the essence and bring it to the rifts from where the Taken spawn.

This will collapse the rifts and stop them from spawning. With all the rifts closed, you will be brought to the next location.

Locate the Beacon

Next, you will need to locate a beacon. Locating the beacon itself is very simple, but as you get close to the beacon, you will find yourself among some dead Servators with ether projectiles.

Shoot these projectiles to keep your ether harvester safe. The harvester will teleport around the area and enemies will also attack it during this encounter.

Once done protecting the harvesters, you will go back and retrieve your Wayfinder Compass. With the compass, you will move on to the final part of the quest.

Charge the batteries

There is an alternate pathway in case you failed to protect the harvesters. You must do the Charge the Batteries event. Here, you will have to grab various orbs of power and bring them to the center of the map.

You will be ambushed by Taken as you try to do so. There will also be larger enemies with shields, and you can only damage them after you have placed all 3 batteries at the center.

Keep in mind that when you pick the batteries, you will be moving very slowly for 18 seconds, after a while, you will suffer from Exhaustion and can no longer pick the batteries for the next 10 seconds.

Taken Ogre

Once you are done with either of these, you will go to the last stage of Astral Alignment. Here, you will face off against a huge Taken Ogre. This fight has three phases.

The first phase is very simple. Simply shoot the ogre and stay away from his attack. Keep on blasting it until its health is depleted by about a third.

For the next phase, a shield will surround the ogre. At this phase, simply avoid the ogre, until a “Taken Pylon” spawns.

Destroy the Taken Pylon and then kill the Taken with the essence. This essence allows you to destroy the shield protecting the ogre and again attack him.

Just in case you are unable to get it, another Taken with the essence spawns, allowing you to kill him as well to get it.

You’ll have to repeat the above process at least one more time after which you can again go to attack the ogre openly and kill him. Once the ogre dies, you will find your rewards on the stairwell and this will mark the end of Astral Alignment.

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