Demon’s Souls Remake Tips and Tricks

Our Demon’s Souls Remake Tips Guide dives deep into all the tips and tricks that you should be aware of in Demon’s Souls Remake.

Our Demon’s Souls Remake Tips Guide dives deep into all the tips and tricks that you should be aware of in Demon’s Souls Remake. So, let’s begin!

Demon’s Souls Remake Tips and Tricks

After years of speculation and rumor-mongering, Demon’s Souls Remake has finally released and fans are in for a treat.

With fully updated graphics and animations, but with the same fan-favorite gameplay mechanics, Demon’s Souls Remake is a treat for fans of Souls-like games.

Choose the right starting class and item
As soon as you decide to take on this venture, you’ll have to choose a class which will significantly impact your gameplay.

For starters, the Knight, Soldier, Temple Knight, and Royal class are amongst the recommended choices as they come with pretty decent amor, weapons and base stats.

You can also pick a starting item and your best bet for that is the Providential Ring since it doesn’t only increase your Luck but also, raise the drop rates on healing items and crafting materials.

Explore Nexus!
Once you’ve been killed for the first time, whether it is at the hands of the Vanguard Demon or the Dragon God, you’ll be sent to Nexus.

Here, you’ll meet the game’s key characters, merchants and supporting allies and be able to level up your equipment.

An interesting feature of Nexus is that it keeps track of the standing of the online community.

As you’ll play on the game, you’ll find more and more new characters entering the game, who will offer you new items, magic spells and places to explore.

One of these characters is Maiden, who’ll assist players in leveling up through collected souls.

There are a total of, 5 different worlds/Archstones in Nexus that you can explore; the Boletarian Palace, the Stonefang Tunnel, the Valley of Defilement, the Tower of Latria, and the Shrine of Storms.

You get access to all of these Archstones once you’ve beaten the Phalanx boss in the Boletarian Palace.

Whenever you’ve defeated a boss in any of these Archstones, the next boss or enemies that you’ll face will be more challenging so it’s better if you move on and try out your luck in some other Archstone to give yourself a kind of break.

After that, you can move back to the previous Archstone and keep progressing forward.

Only pick the items that you need!
Every item that you have in your inventory has a specific weight attached to it and once these items exceed the endurance of your character, your character’s movement will be impaired.

Keeping this in mind, you need to make sure that you pick only the items that are actually valuable for you.

On a brighter side, there’s an option of offloading the spare items, unused gear and crafting materials in the game’s storage boxes by talking to Stockpile Thomas first.

However, you won’t be able to make use of the items whilst they’re inside the storage boxes.

Be helpful with the message system!
The message system can be used to inform other players about the forthcoming threats and the items nearby.

You can also choose to use your message to lead the other players astray or more importantly, get a health boost for yourself.

For you to get a health boost, the player who sees your message needs to give it a positive response.

This health boost can be extremely beneficial for you especially when you’re exploring a long dungeon.

Keep your cool in combat!
In Demon’s Souls Remake, you’ll be engaging in countless battles throughout the gameplay.

The key to coming out on top of these battles is to have patience and keep a cool mind.

Don’t just rush into an enemy every time you see one. Give yourself a little time to think your strategy through while taking on a defensive approach.

The time that you’ll take will also wear off the enemy and it’ll not be able to block off any move you decide to make once you take an offensive.

Getting humanity back
Once you die in Demon’s Souls, you will lose your humanity and resume the game with a lesser HP.

The game will become more difficult for you but the rewards will be much better than before.

However, if you want an easy way out, the best way to do that is to get your humanity back and there are four ways that you can do that.

The first one is that you kill a boss and take its Demon’s Soul. You can also use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to do the same things.

The two other ways are recommended for players with an experience of at least intermediate.

You can either become a black phantom and kill another player or help another player defeat a boss as Blue Phantom.

Using any of the methods mentioned above to get back your humanity will also grant you a full HP.

Choose the right World Tendency!
There are two types of tendencies in Demon’s Souls: Pure White and Pure Black. In Pure White Tendency, you’ll face easier enemies and get less valuable loot.

On the contrary, in Pure Black Tendency, you’ll face harder enemies and get more valuable rewards.

For Beginners, we’ll recommend that you to go with the Pure White Tendency to get used to the game style.

You can check the type of tendency of your world by heading to the pause menu > tendency tab.

There are certain actions that you can carry out to either shift your world tendency towards Pure White or Pure Black. Below, we’ve enlisted all of them.

Pure White Tendency

  • Kill the Dragons in World One – Blue or Red Dragon gives you 1 point.
  • Kill Black Phantoms – there are five of them, each give 1 point.
  • Kill Invading Black Phantom – gives you 1 point.
  • Kill a Boss in any world – gives you 1 point.
  • Kill a Primeval Demon – gives you 3 points.

Pure Black Tendency

  • Kill King Doran in a one on one battle.
  • Kill Human NPC.
  • Die outside Nexus in human form – gives you -1 point.
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