Demon’s Souls Remake Best Builds Guide

Demon’s Souls PS5 brings back a bunch of memories for Soulsborne veteran players. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Best Builds...

Demon’s Souls PS5 brings back a bunch of memories for Soulsborne veteran players. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Best Builds Guide, we’ll be helping you evaluate your options to make a suitable build as you step into the dangerous world of Demon’s Souls once again.

Demon’s Souls Remake Best Builds

For my Soulsborne playthroughs, I’ve always found lighter builds to be more suitable for my playstyle.

What you find flexible and perfect for you depends on what weapons you pick.

There’s no build that’s perfect, and each one has its own flaws.

We will be going through the basics of stats allocation in Demon’s Souls PS5 and build templates that you can utilize to make a formidable warrior against the dark forces of this dangerous world.

Stats Allocation

As you level up in Demon’s Souls Remake, you’ll find the cost of each level going up as you progress further.


This makes it harder and harder to get to the next level as you approach the end-game.

Unwise allocations will result in a poor-build. Creating a build that focuses on only three stats instead of balancing out each and everyone will result in a strong character.

However, if you’re investing in more than three stats throughout one playthrough, you will end up being underpowered compared to most enemies in the game.

The idea is to try out all kinds of weapons initially and see what suits you best.

Depending on what you pick (Heavy, Magic, Ranged, or Light), you can then continue to make a character that perfectly complements your gear choices.

What Class Should I Pick?
The best class to pick for melee users is obviously the Temple Knight, as it offers a good balance for all of your stats.

You might find other classes a bit underwhelming, which is actually as intended.

If you want to go entirely vanilla, you can choose Deprived and invest in stats of your choosing.

Should you be choosing to go for a Mage build, you can go ahead and pick Royalty to make spellcasting all the more easier for yourself.

Strength Build

The Strength build is often referred to as the cheesiest way to beat Soulsborne games.

Heavy weapons have high damage outputs and combined with high strength, they become an unstoppable force that can topple most bosses rather easily.

The point of the entire Strength build is to always try and prioritize investing points into Strength until it finally hits 50.

You can invest into Vitality and Endurance every now and then.

You’ll find the build to be most effective once you’ve maxed out your Strength and have hit a good 20 or 30 with both Endurance and Vitality.

If you choose to pick this build, you’ll effectively be able to carry most heavy weapons. Dual-wield them for that extra kick.

With the increased Vitality, you can also tank yourself out with heavy equipment and become the front-runner in co-op if you like. Strength builds are generally extremely viable for PvP as well.

Dexterity Build

Swift and nimble. Players who choose to go for the Dexterity build will mostly be dabbling in lighter weaponry.

Invest a few points into Strength when you start off, so you can effectively equip most weapons. Once you’ve hit 18 Strength, that’s all you need.

Try to put as many points as you can into Dexterity, Endurance and Vitality. Prioritizing these three stats in that order specifically.

As a warrior with high dexterity, you will have immense speed and can take care of PvP and PvE encounters rather easily.

Sharp weapons are definitely recommended for this build. Dexterity will help scale the damage to insane numbers. Simply max Dex out to 50, and you’re good to go.

Mage Build

As a Mage, you’ll always attempt to be at a safe distance from the enemy. Fire your spells away, and deal as much damage as you can.

With the Mage build, we recommend that you take your Magic to as high as 68.

However, when you hit 50, start investing into Vitality and Endurance as well every now and then.

Aside from Magic, you are going to want to hit 40 Intelligence as well in order to gain access to a few spells.

Keep the weight on your character as low as possible. Your primary option to avoid damage should be dodging away.

Since you’ll have to constantly reposition yourself to cast spells safely, it’s recommended that you go with something light.

You can use a Silver Catalyst and Insanity Catalyst later on in the game to cut down on your mana costs highly.

Utilize spells such as the Soul Ray, Homing Soul Arrow, Fire Spray, Warding and Firestorm to deal with all of your enemies.

You should see yourself through to the end of the game fairly easily with the power of the wand by your side!

PvP Dex Build

For this build, we’ll be making something that can excel in Player-Versus-Player combat.

Our main focus for this class will be its Dexterity stat, and all weapons that provide a great compatibility with higher Dexterity.

This build will focus primarily on three important stats; Vitality, Endurance, and Dexterity.

We recommend you get at least 45 Vitality, 40 Endurance and 50 Dexterity for this build to be the most effective.

Other stats that you need to consider are Intelligence, Strength and Faith; as these will allow you to be able to equip a few weapons and certain miracles.

Take Intelligence to a total of 18, Strength to 18, and Faith to a maximum of 16. That’s all you’ll need to be able to equip most of the weapons you need.

We suggest you equip either a Talisman of Beasts on your off-hand, or a shield of your choice.

Other than that, a good recommendation for your main-hand weapon would be any sharp weapon that suits your playstyle. I, personally went with the Sharp Broad Sword +5 for this build.

For your secondary weapon, you can try using a Sticky Compound Long Bow, White Bow, or a Flameberge.

All of these weapons will effectively cover for where your main weapon will fall short.

Focus on equipment that doesn’t get too heavy. As a Dexterity main, you will have to think quick on your feet, and be able to dodge effectively.

Having anything that slows you down too much will heavily impact your survival chances in PvP.

PvE Strength Build

When it comes to any Soulsborne game, the best way to experience your first playthrough will be making a build that primarily focuses on the Strength characteristic.

This ‘Juggernaut’ build makes you the heaviest of the heaviest, with a crazy damage output; able to take care of most bosses rather easily.

Your goal will be to take your Vitality up to 40, Strength to 30, and Endurance to 45.

To meet requirements of certain weapons and spells, you will have to bring Intelligence up to 15, Dexterity to 20, Magic to 15, and Luck to 10.

For your main hand, the best you can do is grab a Dragon Bone Smasher, or any other large weapon that scales appropriately with your Strength.

To take care of your ranged needs, you can use a Lava Bow.

Your off-hand will be best utilized with the Brushwood Shield or the Tower Shield.

You can also try using a Talisman of Beasts or another Dragon Bone Smasher on your off-hand to really shake things up.

Remember how we made you scale up your Intelligence and Magic? Yeah, we need you to take Enchantments into consideration.

Your damage untampered is already really crazy; sprinkle a few enchantments on there and you’re looking at possibly one of the strongest combos in Demon’s Souls.

You can try activate Warding every now and then to really cut through the enemy’s attacks and just go on a frenzy.

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