How To Defeat The Sphinx In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Sphinx is an NPC that asks you riddles in Dragon's Dogma 2 for various rewards. Once you're done, you can fight it. Here's how.

The Sphinx is a hidden creature that poses a unique challenge in Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, unlike other enemies, she doesn’t use brute force but riddles. If you solve her riddles correctly, you will be rewarded, but if you fail, it will lead to a fierce battle.

You will encounter the Sphinx at two different temples, Mountain Shrine, and Frontier Shrine; once you complete the first five riddles, the Sphinx will relocate to the other temple for the remaining riddles. After taking her down, you will be rewarded with the Eternal Wakestone in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

But this boss fight is tricky and is your only chance to take her down. So, if you’re searching for the Sphinx and want to take her down, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to Find the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the Sphinx can be found only at two locations. The first encounter will take place at the Mountain Shrine. To find it here, you must start from the Checkpoint Rest Town and head north towards the Ancient Battleground.

Once there, go down the slope and through the forest. Dodge enemies while making your way to the mountain cliff. Stick to the left side of this cliff, and you will find a castle there. Enter it, turn to the left stairs, and climb up the ladder.

dragon's dogma 2 sphinx location 1

Once you’re at the top, go to the Worldsend Cavern. Exit the cave and stick to the left side to avoid the Golem and get to the Ancient Ruins. Enter the ruins from the Shrine Corridor, and on the exit, you will be at the Mountain Shrine location.

To get to Sphinx’s second location, get to the Checkpoint Rest Town and move to the riverbank side beneath the bridge. Keep following the riverbank until you find a small cave. Enter the cave by climbing the rocks in front.

Exit the cave and follow the narrow, watery path. Climb the cliff and climb the mountain until you reach a fragile wooden bridge. On the other side of the bridge, you will find some wolves that will attack you. Take them down and follow the path up the mountainside.

dragon's dogma 2 sphinx location 2

From here, you need to go to the right side with climbable rocks in front and climb the mountain until you reach a small cave guarded by a Cyclops. Cross the cave and clear out the rainy path until you reach a broken pillar. Hit the rock on the left side to clear out the way.

Go to the other side and climb down till you reach Frontier Shrine.

How to Beat the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

dragon's dogma 2 sphinx riddles

After solving the final riddle, it’s your cue to earn the final reward from the Sphinx, the Eternal Wakestone. The Sphinx will try to fly away once you give your final answer. You must attack her at the right time to engage her in combat. You can use an Archer/Warfarer or Fighter/Warrior vocations to take her down.


The first shot will never trigger her into combat, so you must keep attacking her to make her angry.

Before beginning the fight, you must know that Sphinx is a formidable enemy with four health bars and many magickal attacks.

dragon's dogma 2 sphinx fight begins

If you’re playing as a Fighter/Warrior vocation, wait for her to say “Outstanding,” once she does and stands up, take out your sword and start hitting her legs or lower torso. Wait for her to land on the ground and target her weak spots. Once her health is depleted to the final bar, climb on top of her and keep attacking her with your weapon before she is about to fly away.

If you’re playing with Archer/Warfarer vocation, you can use the Unmaking Arrow to take her down with one shot. You can get this arrow after completing the Riddle of Recollection or purchase it from the Dragonforged northeast of Bakbattahl. Once you have the Unmaking Arrow, equip a bow and Ring of Vehemence and target the Sphinx’s wings. One shot will be enough for her after her health has depleted to half.

The Sphinx may not pose a danger initially, but once you’ve triggered her, she will rain down her magickal attacks on you. To take her down you need to be familiar with these attacks to counter them easily. Starting with the Fire Stomp, as soon as you see the Sphinx stomping her paw to the ground, she will release fire pillars.

The next attack you need to be aware of is the Lightning Stomps; when you see the Sphinx stomp both paws run away from the affected areas as it’ll release lightning bolts on the ground. While the Sphinx Bolt and Sphinx Blasting Bolt attacks target you with charged energy blasts and AoE blasts.

If you see the Sphinx’s paw light up, you need to run or move away, as she will charge toward you to deal damage. The last few attacks include Twin Maelstrom, when you see her charging her wings, you need to move to the sides of the arena to dodge the maelstrom, and Freezing Blast. Avoid the blue area in the field, as it will rain down a charged attack that will freeze you.

With the final blow, the Sphinx will drop five pouches of 2000 gold and a Key of Sagacity. Pick up the key unlock the golden chest, and give you the Eternal Wakestone. This wakestone helps you revive allies an infinite number of times in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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