How To Defeat The Griffin In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Griffin are an aerial menace in Dragon's Dogma 2 that can be difficult to take out. But we tell all about it here. Read on!

Griffins are apex predators waiting in the skies to strike you down in Dragon’s Dogma 2. They threaten you and your party, and taking them down is a pain. Their sharp talons and thunderous wingbeats can tumble down unprepared Arisen. Griffins pose a unique challenge due to their aerial advantage, but these magical beasts are not invincible.

By killing a griffin, your party can enjoy massive experience points, making unlocking new abilities and skills to take down greater threats easier. You can turn the tide with the right weaponry, pawns, and strategy. This guide will help you master combat with detailed tips on finding and defeating griffin in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Where to Find Griffin in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Griffins are free predators that roam around the skies and spawn randomly, but there are a few places where they’re expected to be spotted. Your first cue of finding griffin is on places in the wild filled with oxen, griffins are always flying around in the perimeter for hunting.

If you are in Vernworth, exit from the northeast and cross the Great Bridge Passage. You will encounter a griffin in the northeast area. But if you exit from the northwest side, you follow the long bridge that leads to the narrow branching path in Misty Marshes. From there you need to climb to the southwest side and get to the cliff leading you to Forested Griffin’s Nest.

dragon's dogma 2 griffin location 1

Battahl is an excellent place to hunt griffins due to its barren, wild, deserted nature. Starting off with the Checkpoint Rest Town, if you follow the main road to the south, you will find a Griffin flying above you.

Head south from the same location toward the Enoa’Battahl Forest keep going north and you will encounter another Griffin in the Wasteland Griffin’s Nest.

dragon's dogma 2 griffin location 3

If you exit Bakbattahl from the west side, move past Jarle’s Home to the Crumbling Ruins and you will find one there.

If you exit Bakbattahl from the west, you will find a griffin on the lower road. Another one can be found if you proceed the same path and go far southwest toward the Dragonsbreath Tower.

dragon's dogma 2 griffin location 5

You will encounter two griffins if you exit Bakbattahl from the northeast side. One near the Olta’Battahl Coastline and another far north toward the Bay Wayside Shrine.

How to Beat Griffins in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Giffins seem tough to take down owing to their high health and attacks, but keeping them on the ground is the key. This is possible by repeatedly attacking their wings, head, and spine. Griffins are weak against fire attacks, so your first choice should be to have a Mage vocation equipped or have one in your party.

dragon's dogma 2 griffin fight 1

You can have multiple party selections here. You can play as a Thief, Mage/Sorcerer, Archer, or Warrior. The key to having a fair fight is to have someone on your party who can inflict fire damage on the griffin. Let’s look at how you can take a griffin down.

Keep inflicting fire damage if you’re playing as a Mage or Sorcerer. This will burn down the griffin’s wings, causing it to stagger and fall. This is when your pawns can damage it while you repeatedly give it magickal damage. This is the quickest way to take down a griffin at an early level.

dragon's dogma 2 griffin fight 2

If you’re playing against the Griffin with a Warrior, use the Greatsword to target its head and wings. This will knock it to the ground, and you can inflict more damage. If the griffin tries to flee, have your pawns weigh it down so you can continue attacking in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Use jump when it’s in a lower position to target its wings. When it flies up in the air, wait for it to attack with a charged dive, roll away immediately, and get back on your feet to attack. If you can, climb on its back to give it damage.

If you’re playing as an Archer, have your Mage cast ice attacks to reduce its speed while you can shoot fire arrows from a distance, aiming at the wings. As for a Thief, simply climb on top of the griffin while it’s about to fly away. This makes it easy to take it down, as it cannot do any attacks during the flight.

No matter what party composition you go out with, always have a Mage in your team to inflict fire damage. During this battle, Griffin will cast Lightning Spells, which have a blasting effect, and keep away from the area that glows purple during this attack to avoid getting stunned. Taking down a griffin will reward you with 7100 XP.

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