Decline Of Nintendo 3DS is Due to Smartphones, Study Suggests

A research firm named Influence Central has conducted a new study that suggests that decline of Nintendo 3DS in the market is due to the smartphones.

A research firm named Influence Central has conducted a new study that suggests that decline of Nintendo 3DS in the market is due to the smartphones and tablets when it comes to winning the hearts of youngsters.

This latest study from the firm states that the average child gets its first smartphone at the age of 10.3. According to the report this early introduction of smartphone tech to a child is contributing the Nintendo’s decline in the handheld sector.

The research firm states that Nintendo’s 3DS is now the fourth most popular choice of entertainment during a car trip behind tablets, phones and DVDs. Only 24 percent of the children chooses to take Nintendo handhelds on the road with them.

Influence Central`s data comes from a survey that was conducted online in the month of January and February and is based on 500 women. This study correlates with another study conducted in 2014 that suggests that children are more likely to game on a tablet than a handheld console.

The arrival of the smartphones has definitely impacted the handheld sector. Nintendo has traditionally seen incredible success with its portable handhelds consoles. The company has sold almost 120 million units of Game Boy, Game Boy Advance has 81 million units sold and DS console has 154 million units sold worldwide.

However, the Nintendo 3DS has struggled to find success like Nintendo’s previous handhelds and currently this handheld has sold 58 million units worldwide. PS Vita has even worst sales, and it seems that Vita is going to be the last handheld console by SONY.

This decline in Nintendo handheld console is probably due to the Android and iOS smartphones, whose online stores are packed with free apps and games.The market for tablets has also increased further reducing the attention of children towards handhelds.

However, Nintendo might have changed its strategy regarding its handheld products, as rumors are circulating the internet that Nintendo NX will be part console and part handheld. According to report the Handheld part on NX will have TEGRA based SOC.

What do you think of this decline of Nintendo 3DS? Do you prefer to game on a smartphone or a handheld? Let us know in the comments.

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