Sony Shutting Down Production Of PlayStation Vita ?

Sony losing interest in producing it. A new report has emerged suggests that is Sony shutting down production Of PlayStation Vita.

In October last year Sony announced that the market for PlayStation Vita  has dropped significantly and they are shutting down first party development for PlayStation Vita. They also said that they are not going to stop any third party developer for developing a game for vita.

Sony however, kept producing PlayStation Vita but it seems now that they are losing interest in producing it. A new report has emerged suggesting that Sony shutting down production Of PlayStation Vita.

This can be assumed from the latest remarks of a  Netherlands dealer that demand  for PlayStation Vita has reduced but no further deliveries are expected from the manufacturers. The distributor who made these remarks is the official distributor of Sony products in Netherlands.

In Benelux the distributors are demanding Sony to announce new titles for PlayStation Vita because of lack of any new titles there is no demand for PlayStation Vita in Benelux.

Keep in mind that these reports only relate to Netherlands and Benelux countries. In other countries PlayStation Vita is being sold as usual.

Earlier this year Sony announced that they are removing access of PlayStation store from handheld PSP. They said content can still be purchased for PSP online through PlayStation Store`s website. Previously purchased titles will be accessible on PSP.

Last month Sony announced that its going Cease selling the PlayStation TV. Since the device`s original launch it had shipped 185000 units.

PlayStation TV basically lets users play PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable titles on a TV screen using DualShock 3 controller. Aside from this, the device also supports Remote Play feature as well as PlayStation Now services – subject to availability.

These are the latest moves from Sony before Shutting Down Production Of PlayStation Vita in Netherlands and Benelux suggesting that Sony has to interest in portable platforms.

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