Deathloop Tips

In this Deathloop guide, we have some tips and tricks that will help you start out your journey on the island of Blackreef in Deathloop.

Deathloop is an action and adventure game, and the game’s storyline and outcome depend on the choices you make during your journeys. The game also has some mechanics which will take getting used to. In this Deathloop guide, we have some tips and tricks that will help you start out your journey on the island of Blackreef in Deathloop.

Deathloop Tips

Making sense of the time paradox that is Deathloop can be quite a challenge for anyone who wakes up from an amnesiac slumber on the island of Blackreef. These tips and tricks are sure to help you untangle Deathloop.

Linear Part Tips

When you start the game, you will first have to play through a linear portion of the game which will be like a tutorial, helping you learn the mechanics of the game. At the start, the time loop mechanics may seem a bit confusing and so for your ease.

In this linear portion, there are four regions that can be explored at four different times of the day.

From Colt’s bunker, you will have the option to choose the region and time of the day you want to explore. Returning to your bunker will advance the time to the next cycle, and you will also be able to infuse different items you collected during exploring.

Infuse wanted Abilities

In Deathloop, while exploring the world, you will find different slabs (abilities) which can be collected. However, in order to keep them permanently, you will have to infuse them before the end of the day.

Make sure to infuse the abilities you want to keep. You will get a final chance to Infuse anything for which you have the Residuum before the day resets and you die.

Collect Trinkets

While exploring the Deathloop world, there will be several types of items that can be collected. One of them is Trinkets.

Trinkets are rainbow glowy collectibles. Trinkets are required to upgrade your weapons. There are also Character Trinkets, which allow you to boost the character’s abilities.

Open Delivery Booths

While exploring the world, you will come across some Delivery Booths. You will require a security code in order to open the booth.

Follow your character’s Visionary leap, which will lead you to the room with the code. Use the code to open the delivery booth, which can then be used to send items to other regions/time loops.

Visionary and Arsenal Leads

In Deathloop, there are two types of missions, Arsenal Leads and Visionary Leads. Arsenal Leads are like side quests, in which you visit different places and people to upgrade your abilities and weapons.

Visionary leads, on the other hand, are connected to the main story and will lead you to fights with the Visionaries and breaking the time loop.

Grenades for Turrets

In Deathloop, you will face resistance from many fixed Turrets in the open world. These turrets cannot be broken with your firearms, so you will have to use grenades or other explosives to destroy them and move on.

Use the Environment to your Advantage

In Deathloop, you can use the environment to your advantage as it will give you a natural cover and also allow you to carry on your operations in a stealthy manner.

Stealth is Key

In Deathloop, always make sure that you can carry on using Stealth in combat for as long as possible.

Combat in Deathloop is quite tough, and it will make it really hard for you to fight multiple enemies on your own. So, make sure that you can take down as many enemies silently as possible and start using firearms only when you get spotted.

Use the Hackamajig

In Deathloop, the Hackamajid allows you to hack electronic devices such as turrets, sensors, and doors. Make sure to use it frequently as it will unlock many different paths much easier than using force.

Protect the Loop

As Julianna, your job will be to eliminate different Colt’s in the area to protect the loop. The Colt’s in an area may have multiple lives, so make sure to stay alert when on a mission as Julianna.

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