Deathloop Endings Guide

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to do to get all three endings in Deathloop and outline the difference between them!

After killing every visionary in a single loop, you have to fly the Rakyetoplan to a mysterious facility. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to do to get all three endings in Deathloop.

Deathloop Endings

As mentioned before, you have to fly to the mysterious facility that is seemingly powering the loop and here you have to make some decisions that influence the ending.

To make sure you don’t have to do multiple runs to get all endings in Deathloop, simply create a backup of your saved files.

You will find the save file by the name given below in the C drive of your PC in C:\Users\<PC User>\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Deathloop\base\save game\< Your Steam user ID>\SLOT 1.

Here you can copy files inside the SLOT 1 folder and then copy and paste this folder somewhere else. With this backup, you can run through all endings related decisions quickly

Now, you can move forward in the game till you meet Julianna. Julianna will seem to have a proposition as she brings a wooden box with 2 dueling pistols inside it.

Here you have to pick one pistol and after that, a standoff between Julianna and Colt will start. At this time, Julianna will count to three and you have to make a choice within that time.

Choice #1: Don’t Shoot

The first choice of not shooting her will be a sort of happy ending. If you don’t shoot her even after the count, you’ll find that she doesn’t fire either.

A trust between Colt and her develops and both of them will continue to do the loop.

Choice #2: Shoot Julianna and break the loop

If you go with the second choice of shooting her and then jump before she counts to three, you will see some Lines in the backdrop. This is a prompt to jump into them to break the loop. You can just do that; Jump and break the loop.

If you do so, Colt will get up on a beach staring down the barrel of a gun with Juliana at the other end.

But instead of firing, she will teleport away, and it looks like the loop is finally broken. This ending is a bit ominous as the area looks to be grimly different.

Choice #3: Shoot Julianna and Sit on the Chair

The last and final choice you can make is shooting Julianna and instead of jumping, just sit on the chair. With this, the daily cycle will begin anew as Colt is not ready to go through with everything just yet.

Difference in the Endings of Deathloop

Selecting any of these options will let you continue Deathloop’s campaign. You can select the zones and leads from the menu.

You can still do normal things like farming upgrades for a Slab power or try to find the Sepulchra Breteira which is a Legendary Weapon in Dealthloop. You can do all these things so you don’t have to worry a bit about selecting the choice you want.

By selecting choices 1 and 2, you will see a proper ending. You will get the achievement and can see the credits sequence as well.

You will also be allowed to continue with the campaign. Do note that there will be no post-mission infusion screen. What that specifies is you will not have the stuff that you got in the run.

On the other hand, the ending for choice 3 is a different approach. In this, you will see a short cinematic with Colt which will be explaining how to break the loop rather than the credits you see in other endings.

You can also keep some of the stuff you have since this will also show the infusion screen at the end.

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