Death Stranding Story is All About Connection and Isolation At The Same Time

In a recent interview with Germany-based 4Players, Hideo Kojima talked about the highly anticipated Death Stranding. One of the things Kojima talked about is what kind of themes the studio is going for with Death Stranding’s story.

Since the whole interview is in German, we are going to have to rely on a rough translation provided by vestan from ResetEra.

When asked about the what message he wants to send out with Death Stranding and its story, Hideo Kojima’s answer was exactly what you would expect from the creator of the Metal Gear franchise.

According to Kojima,

In the real world, everyone is isolated or separated from someone. Isolation is sometimes referred to as a trend at the moment. Online too. Everyone is connected to the world, but all you do is beat others with sticks or act rabidly. Therefore, a topic in Death Stranding is to connect, but not at the same time connect to. I want people to think about the world once they’ve played the game, not just about the gaming experience itself. What it means to connect or isolate. Of course, it remains a game. And I want you to enjoy the game. But after the game, I want people to look around, open their eyes and say, “Oh, that could mean maybe this or that.” I hope it shows after effects have been added to the game.

Ever since its announcement, we have been hearing that Death Stranding’s story will blow every other game out of the water and how it’s a game that’s going to define a whole new genre in the gaming industry. When asked about this, Hideo Kojima talked about some of his previous games that primarily feature stealth-based gameplay like the Metal Gear Solid series. According to Kojima, he wanted to create something that no other game developer has ever created before with Death Stranding’s story.

“As with the stealth games I created (Metal Gear Solid), I always wanted to create something new,” said Kojima.

“I believe that this is my destiny. If I had to create something that already exists, I think that it should not come from me. I’m not saying “no” to the other games out there. But when it comes to me, I want to create something new. That’s why I wanted to create this genre.”

Even though what Kojima has said during this interview isn’t exactly new information, it does, however, provide a deeper insight into what he is trying to achieve with Death Stranding’s story and the themes featured in the game. Just quite recently, we also learned that Death Stranding’s online component goes beyond just a bunch of players peeing in the same spot but also ties into other gameplay mechanics, creating a bigger world.

Death Stranding is being developed by Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 even though a PC release is also rumored. Pre-orders for the game are now open with a November 8, 2019 release date.