Death Stranding May Feature Female Hero, 2018 Release Hinted

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding may feature a female hero, the character will join Norman Reedus on his journey through Death Stranding. No details about the character are revealed for the time being.

Furthermore, Kojima spoke at TGS and announced that Death Stranding will be out before 2020. He mentioned that it will be out before the year Akira is set in. Akira is a film that is set in 2019 so by that reasoning, Death Stranding should be released in 2018.

Tokyo Game Show brought us other details about the game as well. We can confirm that Death Stranding will support HDR and 4K on PS4 Pro. It won’t be surprising to see it perform better at 1080p.

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Hideo Kojima’s latest title is an open world sci-fi action game. It has online play as well and according to Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding has “different kind of online play than anything we’ve seen before.”

Death Stranding will release for PlayStation 4.

In other news, Hideo Kojima has finally shared a comment on Metal Gear Survive. He dismissed any kind of involvement in the concept of the project.

It was rumored that Hideo Kojima wanted to make a zombie game and Metal Gear Survive was originally “A Hideo Kojima Game.”

However, speaking at TGS the franchise creator denied such rumors. He mentioned that Metal Gear is about political fiction and espionage, there is no room for zombies. Yoji Shinkawa added that if they were involved with Survive, there would definitely be mechs in the game, not zombie.

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