How To Plant SOS Beacon In Dead Space Remake (Chapter 7)

To plant the SOS beacon on the asteroid, you have to first destroy the gravity tethers holding the asteroid in place in Dead Space.

Chapter 7: Into the Void of Dead Space Remake is about launching the asteroid stuck on USG Ishimura’s back into space. You will attach the SOS beacon you found earlier in the game onto the asteroid and release it into outer space. This guide will help go through the whole process of how to do that.

The Stasis Module weapon is your best companion for this objective so equip it and prepare to plant the SOS Beacon.

Go to Mining Bay

You need to reach Mining Bay to enter the Zero Gravity area. You will find two gravity tethers inside this room. First, take care of the few enemies inside the room and then use the Statis Module to shut down the inner points.

Destroy Interior Gravity Tethers

You will find two gravity tethers inside this room. First, take care of the few aliens inside the room and then use the Statis Module to slow down the inner Tethers.

The first gravity tether is on the ground level and right next to the entrance point. Look toward your right side and use the Statis Module to slow down its rotation. This will create an opportunity to aim at the shining point on the plate. Your single hit will take it down.

A message will pop up indicating one of the Interior Gravity Tethers is destroyed.

In case your Stasis Module does not have enough charge in it, there are charging ports on the walls. Use them.

For the second point, you need to travel toward the top of the room, directly above the first tether. Being in zero gravity provides a significant advantage here as you can set yourself perfectly to use the Statis Module. Slow down the rotation and take down the second tether holding the Asteroid from inside the ship.

Move outside the room

You need to move out from the inside of the mining bay to outer space to stop the two tethers outside. You can see an opening between the Asteroid and the upper surface of the ship. Wait for the moving beams to reach the left side of your screen. You can run outside through the opening on your right side and enter the vacuum.

Players have an issue with crossing this area. The best time to go is right after the moving beams stop for a few seconds. Get out and take a left or right to save yourself in case the beams are coming back. One hit from the beams, and you are dead so be careful and patient.

Destroy Exterior Gravity Tethers

It will be easy to identify the exterior gravity tethers if you go up and look below to investigate the area. You can see gravity tethers on both sides of the Asteroid, holding it in place.

Use the same tactic of combining the slow effect from the Statis Module with a single hit on the shining part of the screen. Destroy both the exterior gravity tethers. Investigate the outer surface of the Asteroid for the distress beacon plantation point.

Plant the SOS Beacon

You will find the point very quickly as it is very prominent, a white silhouette indicates its presence. Go towards it and plant the SOS Beacon there.

Sometimes, the beams keep their rotation going; hence, players get hit by the beams while trying to plant the beacon. Just go to the plantation point, plant the beacon, and instead of watching the animation just spam the jump button to save you time.

Your objective of plantation of distress beacon will be complete, and now you can launch Asteroid.

Go to the Control Room to Launch the Aestroid

launch aestroid

Once the beacon has been planted, get back inside the bay and return to the route you came from to the elevator. You will have to launch the asteroid in space from the control room. As you go back, make sure to take the battery with you, as it will be required to open the control room door. The path back will have some flames igniting from the walls, so you will have to maneuver your way through them. Once inside the control room, launch the asteroid into space.

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