How To Fix Stuttering In Dead Space

The following guide will tell you how to improve your frame rates and remove all frame stuttering for smooth gameplay in Dead Space.

The new Dead Space remake features a massive visual overhaul from the ground up. All of the new changes and features are directed to support the current-generation hardware. However, those graphical improvements can also affect your frame rates to cause stuttering issues on PC.

There are several reasons why your system is dropping frames while running the game. The following guide will look at all of them and help you remove all stuttering issues to make Dead Space a smoother experience.

What causes stuttering in Dead Space?

If you are playing Dead Space and come across the stutter issue, it can be a result of the following reasons:

  • Your Graphic settings are not optimized.
  • You may be suffering a ping loss due to a poor internet connection.
  • Your Graphic and Network Driver aren’t updated.
  • Your System’s hardware lacks the requirements to run the game on stable frame rate settings.
  • Your storage device is full.    

How to solve stuttering issues in Dead Space

Best graphics settings to reduce stuttering 

Try changing the game settings for Dead Space. As you can toggle the performance setting according to your respective console or PC. You can go with the following graphic settings to reduce the stuttering in Dead Space Remake. These changes include:

  • Turning on Full-Screen Mode to increase performance.
  • Changing the resolution to 1920×1080.
  • Turning off V-Sync
  • Turning off FG (Film Grain)
  • Turning off Dynamic Res Scale
  • Set FSR 2.0 mode to the Quality setting.
  • Set Graphic Quality settings to Custom
  • Enable “SSAO” option for Ambient Occlusion
  • Applying “Low” Setting for Volumetric Res
  • Applying “Medium” Setting for RQ (Reflection Quality)
  • For Anti-Aliasing go with the “AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0” option
  • Applying “Medium” Setting for LQ (Light Quality)
  • Applying the “Medium” Setting for SQ (Shadow Quality)

Turning off DLSS and FSR

This is the first thing you should do if you are experiencing stuttering and lag issues in Dead Space. Both DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) and FSR (Fidelity FX sharpening) are features intended to enhance the visual quality but can lead to issues like stuttering.

This is because the game has a major issue with VRS (Variable Rate Shading) which causes image degradation by merging similar-looking pixels to save on performance. This doesn’t prove too beneficial on low res devices since it causes the resolution to get muddier.

So to resolve the stuttering issue you need to head over to the Display and graphic settings of Dead Space and turn off the “DLSS Mode” and “FSR Mode” options.

Close background apps

Stuttering in Dead Space can also be brought on by running other apps in the background. So you need to open up the Taskbar first and then scroll to the “Background Process” section.

There you need to close any background running applications or programs in order to free up resources for the game to run smoothly and hopefully this might end up fixing your issue.

Disable the Steam Overlay

If you have the Steam Overlay “enabled” during your game and you are experiencing stutter then you can try disabling the Steam Overlay for Dead Space.

For that, you need to first open Steam and then head to the library section. There you will find Dead Space among the other games. Click on it and head over to the “In-Game” setting for it.

There you will find the option to disable Steam Overlay so you can simply uncheck that option and go back to the game to see whether your Stutter issue has been fixed.

Set Dead Space to High Priority

You can opt to set the game to high priority setting for your gaming rig. This method will allow your system to prioritize and allocate more resources for Dead Space. It will increase performance and result in a better frame rate.

For that, you need to open the game first. Then you have to press “Ctrl Shift + Esc” to access the “Task Manager”. Next, you need to go to the details tab and find the main process of Dead Space.

Right-click on the game option and then scroll to the “Set priority” section where you can allot the game to the “High” setting. This may end up fixing the stutter issue you experience while playing the game.

Check your Graphic Drivers

You should also check your Graphic drivers and make sure that they are on their latest version. If they are not then you should update them as well and check whether the stutter issue has been resolved or not.

If you are using the NVIDIA graphic card then you should visit their website to check for the update for the graphic drivers. You can choose the optimal version, which is 528.24, so make sure you update your drivers.

If you are using an AMD graphics card, then you should check whether your graphic driver is at the Adrenalin 22.11.2 op version.

Restart your PC

If none of the options above are working then you should try to restart your system. Since some of the game files might have not loaded up properly, by performing the restart operation, you might end up fixing the stutter issue in Dead Space.

If you are still facing the same issue then you should either check for the Dead Space’s update or visit the game platform to register the complaint regarding this issue and hopefully, EA will fix this issue soon.

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