Dead Space Remake Changes And Differences

The new Dead Space remake brings back the USG Ishimura and its horrors for protagonist Isaac Clarke to experience once again following 15 long years since the original genre-defining Dead Space was released.

The remake features a complete overhaul of the original game with several changes that returning players are likely to notice. That includes quality of life improvements as well as a few major changes.

The following guide will get you started by pointing out how the Dead Space remake differs from the original game.

Dead Space Remake vs. the original Dead Space

Here are a few ways in which the new Dead Space remake changes from the original game. There might be other differences as well though. These are just the more prominent ones.

Improved visuals and lighting

The Dead Space remake takes full advantage of the up-to-date Frostbite engine to give you a massive visual overhaul.

The entire ship has received high-resolution textures and improved assets. Every character model has also been improved.

The lighting and shadows, however, have received the biggest change. You will now find the USG Ishimura darker with lesser light than before. This gives a more atmospheric experience, especially with the new volumetric lighting. You will often be forced to rely on your flashlight while exploring the ship.

There are no loading screens

The Dead Space remake supports the new-generation platforms, meaning that you will no longer have to endure any loading screens. This only adds to the spooky experience because you will not find any time to take a break. Each section will directly load into the next to keep the story and horrors seamless.

The USG Ishimura has been redesigned

Something important for returning players to know is that the USG Ishimura has been redesigned to a certain degree. The floorplans for each level have been changed to give you more corners to peak and more rooms to explore.

This is also why several objectives in the Dead Space remake have been changed as well. You will also come across some new objectives, though, they will not change the base game in any major way.

For example, in the first chapter where you previously had to loot a keycard from a corpse to get a data board, you now have to fix a circuit breaker to reroute power to the door.

Side missions have been added

The Dead Space remake keeps the same storyline with just a few minor changes for world-building. You now have a series of side missions to complete while exploring the USG Ishimura. These will let you experience more lore which adds a whole new dimension besides the video and audio logs.

There is a new alternate ending to unlock

If you still have the sanity for a second playthrough, the Dead Space remake allows you to go for a New Game Plus run. That will feature a new phantom variant of the Necromorphs as well as a new level 6 advanced suit for Isaac to get.

Most importantly, the New Game Plus mode is how you will be able to unlock a secret ending. The alternate conclusion to Dead Space attempts to add even greater depth to the lore which ties in with the events of Dead Space 2.

Issac has more dialogues

All of your favorite characters are returning in the Dead Space remake with a brand new addition of Kellion who will be another soul on the ship beside you.

In addition, Issac now has more dialogue and will often comment on collectibles you find or when you reach different parts of the ship. He will even remove his helmet more often for some much-needed character development.

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