Dead Space Deck Systems Keycard Location Guide

The following guide will tell you where to find the Deck Systems Keycard to activate the ship's zero gravity system in Dead Space.

Dead Space has recently come up with a remake of the base game, significantly improving it in many aspects. Aside from the better graphics and gameplay mechanics, it also brings with it newer enemies and puzzles.

In Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard, you are tasked to solve a minor puzzle – activating the Circuit Breaker. The protagonist has to activate several of the ship’s i.e. Ishumura’s Circuit Breakers over the course of the game to bring its power back up.

Usually, a battery would do for one. However, the one in this particular chapter requires something special to activate – the Deck System Keycard. The game doesn’t even tell you the Deck System Keycard’s location though, so you’re on your own.

Therefore you will have to take your time sweeping the local area in Hydroponics to figure out this challenge. 

Where to find the Deck Systems Keycard in Dead Space

Finding the Deck System is a pretty easy process. You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually really close by – just hidden from sight by a gas. The first step to acquiring the Deck System Keycard is heading over to the respective Circuit Breaker and inserting the battery.

The battery is in the same corridor as the circuit breaker – to its east, under a green poster. Once you’ve inserted the battery, two Necromorphs will sneak up on you, which you will have to eliminate first. Make sure you know their Necromorph weaknesses to make this a short fight.

Now, turn around to face the opposite direction, and you will see a door to another room. This will lead you to East Seedling Room B, which contains the Deck System Keycard.

This particular room is filled with a toxic gas that will poison you over time, so make sure your Oxygen (O2) is topped up. Now, you need to be quick and move to the right of this room.

You can use the bench but it won’t stop your O2 meter from depleting either so you need to be quick.

Eventually, you will see a desk with the Deck System Keycard on top of it. Grab it and head out of the room.

Congratulations! You have acquired the card – all you have to do now is to use it on the Circuit Breaker to activate it. With the Circuit Breaker now activated, you are free to use Ishumura’s Zero Gravity system.

 After enabling it you can float to the upper levels and kill the baby Necromorphs as well.

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