Dead Rising 3 Survivors Locations Guide – Where To Find Them

Nick Ramos is doubtlessly a tender fella!

Why? Even in the hardest of times, he seeks out to those in need. In Dead Rising 3, the zombie outbreak has seemed to wipe the land of Los Perdidos off almost everyone.

However, you will come across some fortunate souls desperate for your help. Know that the rewards are promising IF you wish to help those people in need.

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Dead Rising 3 Survivors Locations

You not only get money, weapons, and combo cards but also tons of Prestige Points so make sure to find all these Dead Rising 3 Survivors.

Chapter 0

Anna Hong
Location. Anna is an illegal in Dead Rising 3 who is found in the motel situated in Ingleton. She will ask of you to bring her three cans of spray paints so that she could convey a message to others. After completing her side-quest, ‘Signs of Safety’, you will be rewarded with Ingleton Motel safe house.


Chapter 2

Ravi Uppal
Location. The frightened Ravi can be found hiding out in a hotel. Once you find him, he will ask you to bring components for a combo weapon. Doing so successfully will grant you a blue print for the weapon he will craft.

Simon Merkin
Location. You must help Simon if you wish to gain solid 25,000 Prestige Points. Found on top of the Headshots Gun Store, Simon will ask you to bring his tarot cards which are not hard to find.

Christine Emerie
Location. Get to St. Keith Memorial Grounds and you will encounter Christine. She will ask of you to extinguish five Sigils for her so that she could complete her ritual.

After doing so, you will have the option of either recruiting her by not letting her complete the rite or letting her kill herself at the end of ritual.

Chapter 3

Alejandra Garcia
Yet another unfortunate survivor featured in the game. Unlike the other survivors, she will not ask you of any favor but instead, you will be able to save her after taking out Albert.

Troy Glover
Location. Troy can be found in Bus Depot who will ask you to bring him his dead daughter’s necklace. You will have to take out a couple of thieves and return the locket to Troy to complete the Blood Barter.

Carrie LeCroix
A lawyer by profession, Carrie will ask you to retrieve her stolen briefcase. A heavy zombie resistance will await your arrival when you will get to the designated location. After you complete her side-quest, she will join you.

Big-D differs from other survivor in the sense that you will kill him eventually. During the ‘Lesser Evil’, you will be asked to bring to a Combo Vehicle for him. After doing so, you will have to kill the guy.

Chapter 4

Julia Slyde
Julia is another survivor whom you will be able to rescue after you battle Dylan (Psychopath).

Dwayne Pike
Location. Dwayne can be found in Police Station who will ask you to bring in several firearms. Finding them is a tedious job and will take up some time. After getting all the components, get back to Dwayne and complete the ‘Under Armed’ mission.

Jorge Ruiz
Location. Jorge is a cook who will ask you to drive him to a restaurant (his workplace). Once inside the kitchen, he will start preparing food and you will have to protect him from zombies in the area. Successfully holding off zombies will complete the mission.

Eric Martinez

Chapter 5

Kelsey Louise
Location. Kelsey is a survivor who has lost her family. Devastated; she will ask you to accompany her to her family’s house, only to find out that all of them has been turned into zombies. Kill everyone of them to complete her side-quest, ‘Dog Gone!’.

Warren Anderson Jr.
Location. Phil and Warren are two friends whom you will have to re-unite. Phil will ask you to look for Warren and once you get him to Phil, he will start attacking Warren. Protect Warren by killing Phil and he will join you.

Marcus Wolfe
Location. Marcus gives you the ‘Contraband Conditions’ in Ingleton. He will ask you to destroy five roaming vans for him. Destroy these vans to complete his side-quest.

Jose Morales
Location. Jose gives you the side-quest, ‘Eat the Rich’ in which you are supposed to bring five meat pieces to him. Once you have found them all, return to Jose and complete the mission.

Chapter 6

Lena Polichev
Location. This shopaholic wants you to go out and do some shopping. During her mission, ‘Fashion Victim’, visit different stores and buy something to please her.

Doug Trent
Location. Doug can be found in South Almuda and wants you clear out Spee Ops at the station; which is not remotely hard.

Lauren Staples
Location. Lauren appears during Chapter #3 and will ask you to bring her Tattoo Kit and Wedding Ring back to her.

Winne Lee
Location. While playing the Chapter #7, Winnie will appear near the north bridge and will ask you to clear out Spee Ops. Completing this side-quest will get you 15,000 Prestige Points.

Chapter 7

Meryl Jefferson
Location. Miss Jefferson wants you to spend on her. After meeting her at the hotel, you will be required to give her a long list of gifts which will complete her side-quest, ‘Memory Lane’.

Kenny Dermont
Location. Kenny is a Psychopath whom you need to kill along with his minions complete ‘Single White Male’. During this side-quest, you will also encounter Regina Thompson.

Adam Daley
Location. A stage performer by profession; this man will ask you to destroy all the speakers on a stage nearby for whooping 25,000 Prestige Points. Doing so successfully will complete ‘Love’s a Drag’ side-quest.

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