Dead Rising 3 Survivors Locations Guide – Where To Find Them

Read our guide to know about the List of Dead Rising 3 Survivors and where to find them in the game. We also give you the rewards for them.

In Dead Rising 3, the zombie outbreak has seemed to wipe the land of Los Perdidos off almost everyone. Though the majority of the population is dead or turned into the undead, there are still over 26 survivors. You can help them and earn a reward in return. So, it helps to save these survivors in Dead Rising 3.

This guide lists the location, mission, and rewards you will receive for saving each survivor.

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Anna Hong

Location: Anna is an illegal in Dead Rising 3 found in the motel in Ingleton.

Mission: She will ask you to bring her three cans of spray paints to convey a message to others. You will find the cans in Lee-Amies Estates, Dave’s Place, and Shavey’s Garage.

Reward: After completing her side-quest, ‘Signs of Safety,’ you will be rewarded with Ingleton Motel safe house.

Ravi Uppal

Location: The frightened Ravi can be found hiding out in a restaurant.

Mission: Once you find him, he will ask you to bring a meat cleaver and chainsaw so he can make a mini chainsaw and use it against zombies.

Reward: Ravi will hand you the weapon he created along with the blueprints of the combo weapon.

Simon Merkin

Location: Found on top of the Headshots Gun Store.

Mission: Simon will ask you to bring his tarot cards, which are not hard to find.

  • The Chariot Card will be on the ground at Dave’s Awesome Cars.
  • The Strength Card will be in the wrestling ring at Aduna’s Boxing Gym.
  • Death Card will be on the corpse sitting at barber’s chair in Shavey’s.
  • Tower Card will be on the slide in the playground at Ingleton Park.
  • World Card will be in the Flying Duck Travel Center.

Reward: Simon will join the posse and can be recruited in the future.

Christine Emerie

Location: You will encounter Christine at the St. Keith’s Memorial Grounds.

Mission: Help Christine kill zombies and extinguish five Sigils so that she can complete her ritual.

Reward: Stop Christine if you want to recruit her in future.

Alejandra Garcia

Location: You will encounter Alejandra at the Almuda Farms Cold Storage.

Mission: Defeat Albert and stop him from taking her kidney.

Reward: Once you save Alejandra, you can recruit her.

Troy Glover

Location: Troy can be found in Bus Depot in Los Perdidos.

Mission: Troy will ask you to bring him his dead daughter’s necklace. You must take out a couple of thieves and return the locket to Troy to complete the Blood Barter.

Reward: You will get a new member in your posse.

Carrie LeCroix

Location: You will find Carrie outside her law firm.

Mission: Carrie will ask you to retrieve her stolen briefcase. A heavy zombie resistance will await your arrival when you will get to the designated location.

Reward: After you complete her side quest, she will join you.

Big D

Location: You will find this character on the South Bridge outside of South Almuda.

Mission: Build a combo vehicle for Big D and save his hostage by killing him.

Reward: You will get Big D’s unique gun.


Location: In the same place where you find Big-D, you will see Kandy held captive as his hostage.

Mission: Save Kandy by killing Big-D.

Reward: Kandy is recruitable.

Julia Slyde

Location: You will find Julia behind Annie’s Old Fashioned XXX Supply tied to a chair.

Mission: Save her from Dylan the psychopath.

Reward: Julia can be recruited after being rescued.

Dwayne Pike

Location: Dwayne can be found standing outside of the armory.

Mission: As Dwayne can’t enter the armory, he will ask you to bring him supplies like a riot shield, handgun, shotgun, and a grenade. To unlock the armory, you must complete the side mission during chapter 5.

Reward: Once you hand the items to him, he will join the team and will be recruited in the future.

Jorge Ruiz

Location: Jorge is a cook, and you will find him standing outside Almuda Recycle Depot beside his broken hotdog cart.

Mission: He will ask you to drive him to a restaurant (his workplace). Once inside the kitchen, he will start preparing food, and you will have to protect him from zombies in the area. Successfully holding off zombies will complete the mission.

Reward: Jorge will give you the “ultimate hotdog.”

Eric Martinez

Location: You will find Eric tied next to Julia Slyde at Annie’s Old Fashioned XXX Supply.

Mission: Defeat Dylan and save him.

Reward: Once Eric is saved, he can be recruited from the survivor board at the safe house.

Kelsey Louise

Location: You will find Kelsey signaling for help with a flare gun on the rooftop of Low Cost Luxury.

Mission: Kelsey is a survivor who has lost her family. Devastated, she will ask you to accompany her to her family’s house, only to find out that all of them have been turned into zombies. Kill everyone to complete her side-quest, ‘Dog Gone!’ and rescue this one of the survivors in Dead Rising 3.

Reward: Kelsey will become an ally.

Warren Anderson Jr.

Location: You will find Warren in a closet at Phil’s House in Sunset Hills.

Mission: Reunite Phil and Warren and then protect him when Phil tries to kill him.

Reward: Warren joins the ally.

Marcus Wolfe

Location: You will find Marcus blowing up a van on the west end of Los Perdidos Bridge.

Mission: Marcus gives you the ‘Contraband Conditions’ in Ingleton. He will ask you to destroy five roaming vans for him. Destroy these vans to complete the side quest for this one of the survivors in Dead Rising 3.

Reward: He will join your team.

Jose Morales

Location: Jose will be on the rooftop at Shirts and Shades in Central City.

Mission: Jose gives you the side quest, ‘Eat the Rich,’ in which you are supposed to bring five pieces of meat to him. Once you have found them all, return to Jose and complete the mission.

Reward: After the mission is completed, Jose will join the posse.

Lena Polichev

Location: You will find Lena surrounded by zombies on the second floor of Felicia.

Mission: This shopaholic wants you to go out and do some shopping. During her mission, ‘Fashion Victim’ visits different stores and buys something to please her.

Reward: Help Lena and she ends up joining the team.

Doug Trent

Location: Doug can be found in South Almuda.

Mission: Clear out Spee Ops at the station to complete Doug’s quest.

Reward: Doug will join the team once you help him complete the mission.

Lauren Staples

Location: Lauren appears during Chapter #3

Mission: Lauren will ask you to bring her Tattoo Kit and Wedding Ring back to her.

Winne Lee

Location: On the North bridge in chapter seven.

Mission: Winne will ask you to clear out Spee Ops.

Rewards: Completing this side-quest for this one of the survivors will get you 15,000 Prestige Points in Dead Rising 3.

Meryl Jefferson

Location: The Burgess-Dawson

Mission: Miss Jefferson wants you to spend on her. After meeting her at the hotel, you will be required to give her a long list of gifts that will complete her side quest, ‘Memory Lane.’

Kenny Dermont

Location: Big buck construction site crystal of the sea

Mission: Kenny is a Psychopath whom you need to kill along with his minions complete ‘Single White Male.’ During this side-quest, you will also encounter Regina Thompson.

Regina Thompson

Location: Crystal of the Sea

Location: Regina is a hostage held by Kenny on the yacht. Defeat Kenny and save her.

Adam Daley

Location: Central City Amphitheater

Mission: A stage performer by profession, this man will ask you to destroy all the speakers on a stage nearby for whooping 25,000 Prestige Points. Doing so successfully will complete the ‘Love’s a Drag’ side quest.

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