Dead Island 2 The Death Of The Party Side Quest Guide

The Death of the Party in Dead Island 2 is one of the first few side-quests you can complete. After joining Emma in her mansion, you ...

The Death of the Party in Dead Island 2 is one of the first few side-quests you can complete. After joining Emma in her mansion, you begin your journey of Hell-A, recruiting more billionaires to your team, including Curtis Sinclair.

Curtis has been trapped inside his mansion and needs your help escaping. You can follow along with this Dead Island 2 The Death of the Party Side Quest Guide to help save him and recruit him to your team.

How to complete Dead Island 2 Death of the Party

You get this quest during the Call the Cavalry main story quest in Dead Island 2. You have options for when to grab it, though. Head either toward Access Rd 783 or Alpine Drive to find it. A voice on the intercom asks for help in Dead Island 2.

This will begin the search for the survivors and the quest. You meet Curtis Sinclair in Dead Island 2, who lets you search his grounds to search for a girl he spoke to recently and has now disappeared.

Searching the Mansion

As you enter the Mansion grounds and walk by the driveway, you find that zombies now infest the place. You also spot this girl who is now, unfortunately, “Zombie Chow.” You should then head toward the main mansion building before quickly realizing that you’ll need to acquire Curtis’ House Keys in Dead Island 2 before entering.

As you look around, you’ll see a sign by the driveway. Approach it to read that it says “Guests This Way.” You should then follow the path that it leads you toward. It will take you to Curtis at the back of the mansion.


Finding Curtis

Following the sign will take you toward the mansion’s garden. You will find more zombies here and have to kill them before proceeding. We suggest using the Patio Heater’s fire to burn them to ashes.

After the area is cleared of zombies, you can move toward the mansion roof overlooking the garden. You’ll see a person standing there holding a gun. This is Curtis Sinclair, the mansion’s owner, who needs help getting down since he has a problem with his hip.

He informs you that he’d like to join you and asks if you can work his chairlift again and allow him to come down.

Restoring the power

To get the power back on, you’ll have to head to the breaker room, accessed using the staircase south of the pool house. A Walker inside this room will attack you as soon as you open the door.

After taking care of the walker, you’ll search the room to see that the wire to the power supply has been severed. Pour water from the jerrycan next to the door, onto the wire to reconnect it.

Alternatively, you can also throw the jerrycan at the wire. Doing so will reconnect the power supply by conducting through the water and restore the power to the mansion. After restoring the power, you can return to Curtis and inform him. You can now proceed inside the mansion.

Entering The Mansion

Entering the mansion will be no easy task. Curtis is waiting for you upstairs on the second floor of his mansion in Dead Island 2, but you’ll have to help him get down the ground floor using the now-operational chairlift.

You’ll have to flick the switch by the mansion’s front door to activate the chair lift. These will also include Curtis’ nephew in Dead Island 2.

You’ll have to wait next to allow Curtis the time to descend safely to the ground floor. After some time, you can talk to Curtis, who will thank you for your help and give you his house keys and a Golf Club as a reward for your help. You’ll also receive 1000 XP.

Curtis will inform you that he’ll join you at Emma’s Mansion eventually, just not immediately, and this will conclude The Death of the Party in Dead Island 2.

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