Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit Box Key Locations

You will find Safe Deposit Boxes in the Halperin Hotel, but you need Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit Box keys to open these ...

Apart from slaying the zombies and progressing to the story, you might want to get the rare treasures hidden in the safes around the map. You will find these safes in the Halperin Hotel, but you need Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit Box keys to open these.

You must invest your time in locating these keys to get your hands on these crafty materials and weapons. To make it easier, we have prepared the guide that provides you with all the Safe Deposit Box Keys locations in Dead Island 2.

Where to find Dead Island 2 Safe Deposit Box Keys

There is no way you can look for the keys randomly. You must follow the main story, and when you complete the fourth quest of the DI2 (Call the Cavalry), you will arrive at the Halperin Hotel. Upon completing the main quest, another quest, (Room Service for Major Booker) will pop up on your screen.

At this point, you can roam around the hotel before beginning the fifth quest. Upon investigation at the reception desk, you will find a room full of safe deposit boxes in Dead Island 2. Although these will not open, only five will open with their respective keys.

Now, you can look for the keys to these five boxes. Since the hotel is big, locating these keys will take some time. To avoid searching the whole hotel, follow the locations below to find each key.

Safe Deposit Key #1

This key is easiest to find; you might have seen it before discovering the deposit boxes. If not, it is on the table beside the laptop, as shown in the image above. This Safe Deposit key in Dead Island 2 will be numbered 9.

Safe Deposit Key #2

For the second key, work around the hotel to the pool area. On your right, you will see an overhang. Use this overhang and work your way to the back. Continue walking forward until you see a small white door.

Enter through this door, and you will see a whiteboard by the stairs. Take the stairs to go up and enter the hallway ahead. Take this hallway and keep walking to the end when you see a couple of elevators on your right.

One elevator is open, while the other one will be closed. Press the elevator button ahead, and the second elevator will open. Kill the zombies in this elevator, and see a key on the ground in Dead Island 2. Grab this key numbered 33.

Safe Deposit Key #3

Exit the elevator and turn left to see a small way to the next hallway. Crouch to get through and walk straight until you see Room 208 on your left. Enter the room and look around the nightstand to find the Safe Deposit key in Dead Island 2 beside the briefcase.

Safe Deposit Key #4

For the fourth key, exit the room and turn to your left. Sprint fast to the end of the hallway. You don’t need to enter any of the rooms on the way. You can ignore all the zombies. When you reach the end of the hallway, you will see two elevators, one open and the other half open.

Before moving any further, you must enter the room on your right and pull the lever to cut out any electricity in the elevator in Dead Island 2. Now climb the half-opened elevator, and make your way to the third floor. Run to your left, and you will enter the broken section of the hotel.

Follow the main path while crouching on the way. At the very end, you will enter a room with an air vent opened above the bed. Enter this air vent and keep crawling forward. After some time, you will see a way to your right ignore this way and turn to the first left ahead.

Ahead you will find the fourth key numbered 49.  

Safe Deposit Key #5

Make your way to the back and enter to your right. Make your way by turning right and then left. Ahead you will see an opening; use it to get down. Sprint to the right until you see Room 307. Enter the room, and you will see your Dead Island 2 fifth Safe key in the bathroom.

Once you have all five safe deposit keys, return to the Halperin Hotel lobby in Dead Island 2, and open the safe deposit boxes.

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