Dead Island 2 Room Service For Major Booker Walkthrough

Dead Island 2, Room Service for Major Booker is the 5th of the 24 main missions, succeeding the 'Call the Cavalry' mission. In this main ...

Dead Island 2, Room Service for Major Booker is the 5th of the 24 main missions, succeeding the ‘Call the Cavalry‘ mission. In this main mission, you must look for Major TS Booker in the zombie-infested Halperin Hotel while she taunts you over the radio.

Throughout the Room Service for Major Booker mission, your main goal is to find the keys to the radio station so that you can convey your message to Dr. Reed regarding your immunity against the zombies.

Being extensive and adventurous, it is exciting for players to play through this mission, but it can also prove to be quite exhaustive if players do not know the exact steps to follow. However, there is no need to worry as this guide is written as a step-by-step walkthrough for this main mission.

Dead Island 2 Room Service for Major Booker

The Room Service for Major Booker’s mission begins as soon as you finish the 4th main mission in Dead Island 2. When you complete the previous mission, you will already be in the Halperin Hotel, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to start.   

Finding Maj. TS Booker

You will find yourself in the lobby of Hotel Halverin, from where you need to head outside near the pool. To do this, take the door on the southeast, leading you outside, where many zombies await you.

Keep moving forward by getting rid of all the zombies in your way till you reach an area filled with blood and black bags containing dead bodies. You will find Dead Island 2 ‘The Dirtiest Job‘ note near a corpse lying on the floor in a black body bag. Pick it up and continue until you reach the stairs that take you to the pool.

Searching the pool

Once you have reached the pool, you will notice that it smells horrible and is of green color, indicating that acid is used to dissolve the dead bodies lying all around the hotel. There will be Walker zombies guarding the pool, and you can get rid of them by pushing them into the acid pool or attacking them physically until they give up.

After clearing the zombies from the area, you have to look for three clues in this pool which will confirm that it is indeed acid and is being used to dissolve corpses by the government in Dead Island 2.

First, you must interact with the green container on the left that says ‘Caustic X,’ with the generator connected to the pipes filling the pool, and finally with the fuming sewer with two large pipes inside. This will complete your investigation of the pool, and you can also pick up a note, the ‘Chump Dump Check,’ near the pool.

Clearing out the zombies

After completing the pool investigation, you will hear drunk Maj Booker in Dead Island 2 through the speakers. This sound will wake up all the zombies in the area who will come to attack you.

Do not worry about being outnumbered; just apply the same strategy as before, i.e., finishing them off by pushing the zombies into the acid pool. This will work for all the Shambler, Runner, and Walker zombies.

But unfortunately, not for the Hazmat Walker zombies in Dead Island 2, that are immune to acid and won’t die in the pool. Kill them the old-fashioned way using your weapons until the entire area is free from zombies, and you can finally move forward.

Confronting the Major

Over the speakers, Major Booker will announce that she is in Room No. 307, so this is where you need to go next in Dead Island 2. Go through the open door from the pool area and then into the hotel building at the front. Here you will see a generator that is electrifying the wet floor.

Turn it off and head left to the area that looks like a wedding venue. Kill the zombie here and pick up the ‘Speak Now‘ note. Now back to where the generator was and head inside. You can pick various stuff around here, but the most important is the blue jerrycans. Make sure to pick them, as they will come in handy later.

Going upstairs

Room 307 is on the third floor, so you must take the stairs upwards. Now you must go past this hallway to the elevators, but the zombies here will not make it easy.

Keep an eye out for the different zombies emerging from the rooms on the side and get rid of them swiftly. Go to the elevators and pick up the ‘I’ll be Waiting‘ note and the Chem Bomb curveball you find lying on the floor in Dead Island 2. This is where the Jerrycan will come in handy, as a burning zombie will be out to attack you.

After extinguishing the fire, enter the bedroom on the left to pick up the keys to the safe deposit no. 14 beside the dresser in Dead Island 2. Exit the room and continue down the hall till you reach room no—204 on the left. Kill the zombie here and then continue down the hall to the room at the end, from where you can turn off the electricity to the elevator.

Turn off the lever and return to the elevator to climb the air vents. Kill the zombies in the air vent and then drop down in the room with three more zombies that must be taken care of.

Finding the Major’s Room

After killing the zombies, exit the room to the main hallway. Continue until you reach the hallway’s end, where Room No. 307 will be on the left side.

Enter the room, and you will see that Major Booker in Dead Island 2 has already been attacked, and it is too late for the rescue. Fortunately, her Master Keys will be lying on the floor so that you can pick them up.

Going to the Ballroom

Now that you have acquired the master keys, you must find the ballroom and get on the radio. Exit Room no. 307 and enter the room at the end of the hallway, where you can restore power to the elevators.

To do this, take a Jerrycan and sprinkle the water between the broken wire pieces to develop a new path for the electricity to flow. This will open the elevator door, and you can drop down from there, take a right and reach the ballroom.

Interacting with the radio

Enter the ballroom, and you will see a radio on the table beside the large wedding cake. Interact with this radio to converse with Dr. Reed in Dead Island 2.

Killing Becki the Bride

A large Walker zombie known as Becki the Bride, a tough enemy, will interrupt your conversation with Dr. Reed.

She has many attacks and is not an easy zombie to defeat. Hence, you must be careful and attack her arms whenever you can. Beware of her staggering shockwaves and the other minion walkers that will keep coming to help her.

Defeat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2, and the Room Service for Major Booker quest will end, rewarding you 3000 XP.

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