Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, Missing Laura quest, you have to find a character of the same name who will be locked up at the police station. Here is how to find her!

Dead Island 2 allows players to partake in special Lost and Found quests. These are side quests where you will have to find missing people or objects. One such quest is the Dead Island 2 Missing Laura quest where you will need to find a character named Laura.

You will unlock the Missing: Laura Lost & Found quest once you have completed the main story campaign. It will be available on the noticeboard in Serling Hotel. Here is how to start and complete it.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura walkthrough

The Dead Island 2 Missing: Laura Lost & Found quest can be started by finding and interacting with the notice board in Serling Hotel, Ocean Avenue. You will have unlocked this place while doing the main story event Final Gauntlet. 

Once you enter the Serling Hotel, the missing person board will be on the East wall opposite the Doctor’s Office. Here, you will find plenty of posters and you need to interact with Laura’s poster to begin the quest. 

A marker will appear guiding you to your first waypoint of the quest. 

Head to the Police Station

As soon as the Missing Laura quest begins, the first thing that you need to do is head toward Venice Beach. This can be done by interacting with the fast travel point outside the Serling Hotel. 

You will end up in the Blue Crab Grill if you use the fast travel point of Venice Beach. Once there, you can easily make your way to the Police Station by walking South. 

To enter, destroy the Blue and Green Maglocks mounted on the station walls. This will unlock the door and you can enter. The first one will be on the West wall just as you enter beside the information desk. The second Maglock will be in the Restroom on the West side. 

Look for Laura’s Cell Keys 

Once the Maglocks are destroyed, enter the information desk room by taking the alleyway left of the restroom. To find the location of Laura’s Cell keys, you need to find the Keeper of the Keys. While you are there, you also need to find the Arrest Notes of Detainees as well to complete the quest objectives. 

You will find both these items on top of the wooden desk beside the East and West walls of the information desk. Doing so will tell you the location of Laura’s Cell keys which are in the possession of Chief Malloy.  

Find Police Chief Malloy 

To get your hands on the keys, you need to track Chief Malloy who will be located Northeast inside the Venice Hot Dog restaurant. After entering, Malloy will be beside the West wall behind the oversized oven. 

To get your hands on the keys to the cell, you need to kill the mutated chief. Collect it and make your way to the cell at the Police Station. 

Execute Laura and Emily 

In the Police Station, get to Laura in Jail Cell 01. Just like most living souls, Laura and Emily are also turned into zombies. Therefore, you are in it for a fight inside the cell. Inside the cell, kill them both to finish the quest objectives. 

Now that all of the objectives of the Missing: Laura quest are completed, you will be rewarded with Crying Wolf Journal in addition to 1500 XP.  

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