Dead Island 2 Missing: Jamal Quest Guide

In Dead Island 2, the Missing Jamal side quest will have you look for a security of the same name. Here is how you can pick up the quest and do it!

In Dead Island 2, you will be undertaking several Missing Persons quests as part of the Lost and Found chain. One such investigation involves finding out about the fate of former security guard Jamal. You will encounter the Dead Island 2 Missing Jamal quest pretty early in the game, and you can start it by going toward the Serling Hotel

Inside the hotel, make your way toward the notice board on the lobby’s adjacent side. You will find a large poster indicating the missing person sign for Jamal among all the posters on the board. Moreover, you will also get a red sign on your map showing the availability of these missions in Dead Island 2. 

Where to find Jamal in Dead Island 2 

1) First Guard Post 

2) Second Guard Post 

3) Jamal’s location 

You can start your search for Jamal by interacting with the poster. You will learn he went toward the Halperin Hotel to grab some protective gear. To reach the hotel quickly, use the Fast Travel option found on the wall next to the noticeboard.  


Interact with the poster and move to the Halperin Hotel to continue your quest to find Jamal in Dead Island 2. After traveling to the motel, unlock the door on your rear to move down the stairs and reach the open area through a small alley. 

From here, you must rush North, crossing the blue van, and quickly turn right to find the first Security Guard post. These security guard posts are crucial as you can find evidence about the whereabouts of Jamal from these places. However, you must disable the alarm first, as this place is jam-packed with zombies. 

Take care of the zombies surrounding the guard room and disable the fuse boxes on the outside and inside of the room. You should go toward the back side of the room to attack the one on the outside wall, and then through the glass window, use any ranged weapon to fuse the inner one. This will ensure that the door to the security room unlocks, and inside, you will find the first journal.  

The first item, Employee Vehicle Register, provides information about the type of vehicle Jamal was driving. From here, turn right and slide down through the broken fences to reach the second Guard Hut. This will take you another step closer to solving the Dead Island 2 Jamal quest.

To access the second room, you must repeat the steps of destroying two fuses, and once inside, you will get your hand on another journal, Our Fellow Security Guard. This takes you toward the final area. 

The red-marked area on your map contains several zombies and the red truck you have been looking for. You need to take care of all the zombies along with Jamal. However, the trick here is to first take down the small pawns before turning your attention toward Jamal. Due to the looted armor, Jamal can be a little tricky to take down, so prepare yourself fully for this battle.  

After taking down all the enemies, collect Jamal’s Crate key from the body to unlock the trunk present on the rear of Jamal’s car. Here you will find several items marking the completion of Jamal’s quest in Dead Island 2. 

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