Dead Island 2 Development Apparently Is Going Fantastic

Ever since it got announced at E3 in 2014, Dead Island 2 development has been through a lot. Two different developers, a short stop in development hell, and numerous rumors of it being cancelled have floated around the game for a while. However, Sumo Digital, the current developer, says the game is going fantastic.

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Sumo Digital is the studio behind the well-received Little Big Planet series, though the happy-go-lucky adventures of Sackboy and his friends is completely different from the rather dark, zombie-infested world of Dead Island.

Dead Island 2 development originally started under Yager Development, who fell into the development after pitching the game to Deep Silver. However, in 2015 Deep Silver said that Yager had been dropped due to the visions of the game diverging between Deep Silver and Yager’s own visions. So Yager was dropped, and Sumo Digital came in.

Since then, the rumors of Dead Island 2 development being cancelled have apparently been baseless, as Sumo Digital has said that the game’s development is going fantastic, though there’s still no confirmation of an actual release date (though it’s got a tentative date of sometime this year, so they’d better hurry up).

But hopefully, all of these delays actually make Dead Island 2 follow what a sequel should be, and make it a better game (especially since Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide both got rather middling receptions despite their popularity, though that may be more because of Techland, the developer of the initial Dead Island game and Riptide than Deep Silver’s own influence. A change in developers might do some good.

In the meantime, while we wait for more Dead Island 2 development updates, we can look forward to a Dead Island mobile game coming sometime in the near future, but hopefully it’ll be a fairly solid mobile game (unlike the mediocre “Escape Dead Island.”)

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