DayZ Update 1.07 (Experimental) Released, Various Bug Fixes And Changes

DayZ received Update 1.07 for the experimental build. You can download this only on PC. Take note that the below changes are for the experimental build.

DayZ received Update 1.07 for the experimental build. You can download this patch only on PC (Steam). Please take note that the below changes are only for the experimental build of DayZ, not the stable version. Something that stands out in this patch is that they added amusement park locations throughout Chernarus and fixed several types of inventory interactions related to item reservation.

Based on the mod developed for Arma 2, Bohemia immerses us in a survival game. The objective is to look for weapons, medicines and water to not only survive, but also to end the hordes of violent enemies. The survival component is mixed with the online multiplayer in a title loaded with nonstop action. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding DayZ Update 1.07 (Experimental).

  • Added: Repeater Carbine
  • Added: .357 Rounds
  • Added: 12ga Rubber Slugs
  • Added: Amusement park locations throughout Chernarus
  • Fixed: Several types of inventory interactions related to item reservation
  • Fixed: A client error caused by re-encountering the weapon you dropped during a previous death
  • Fixed: The map always used to open at the top left corner (now remembers the last opened position)
  • Fixed: Disabled “Jump out” action for back seat passengers of the ADA 4×4
  • Changed: Global lighting changes (ground-lighting addition, brightness of day and night, shadow contrast during clear weather, rain visual tweaks, darker clouds during overcast)
  • Changed: Updated the inventory attachment icons in DayZ (missing icons added, some icons tweaked and unused removed to free space for more in future)
  • Changed: Clean-up of the car damage zones
  • Changed: Lowered the amount of leaked coolant when the radiator is destroyed in the car
  • Tweaked: Decreased range of the night light, and changed its colour, position and brightness for better immersion
  • Tweaked: The fence gate opens and closes slower
  • Tweaked: Inventory view of the Assault Helmet Visor
  • Tweaked: You receive one additional plank when cutting down a wooden log in DayZ.

Here you will find the complete list of DayZ Update 1.07 (Experimental) patch notes. I remind you that Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ originally released December 16, 2013 and can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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