DayZ finally has a PS4 Release Date and its Sooner Than You Think

The survival game from Bohemia Interactive Dayz release date has finally been revealed. It's sooner than you think as it's coming out on May 29.

It’s better late then never as DayZ finally gets a release date on the PlayStation 4. The game is coming out on Sony’s console on May 29.

DayZ is set in a fictional country of Chernarus, which is part of the soviet republic. In this post-soviet world, Chernarus has been struck with a virus that has infected the majority of the population. The survivors are left to fight over resources and further pushing humanity to ruins.

DayZ was announced five years ago for the PlayStation console and we will finally be seeing a release. The unforgiven survival game was originally announced for Sony’s console back in 2014 during a Gamescon conference.

Later in 2018 the game left early access on the PC but a console version on the Xbox one has been available since last august.

The game first came into existence as a mod for the PC game Arma II which is an open world military simulation game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. The mode that was created by Dean Hall helped to propel the title back to the top of the steam charts. Later in august of that same year the game DayZ was announced as its own game and would be developed with Arma II.

During this time Hall stated that the game would be driven by its PC development. Once they were at a comfortable point the game would be released to consoles later on.

Since then there had been no trailers or details besides the announcement of the game coming to PlayStation 4. DayZ finally arrived later on console in August of 2018 when it launched on Xbox One but the reviews weren’t all that great.

DayZ is confirmed to release on the PS4 but a retail release date hasn’t been announced yet.