Days Gone Release Date Will Be Revealed Soon Enough, Studio Director Says

Days Gone is in the works and Sony Bend isn’t best at rolling out details regarding their ambitious action title. Even if they are not inclined to give out details to the fans, they certainly can not prevent the leaks. Recently some of the Days Gone screenshots have surfaced and they do give some interesting details about the game. That said, the biggest concern is, when will the game release? Recently the studio director, although did not reveal much, he did imply that Days Gone release Date will be revealed very soon.

At the PlayStation event, Sony Bend’s Studio Director Chris Reese had a chance to talk about Days Gone and when fans can expect to hear more about the game. Talking about when the details regarding the game will be revealed he said,“We’ll have more info on that very soon,”.

Although he did not specifically say that the Days Gone Release Date will be revealed soon but we can expect it to be unveiled soon enough. Putting what Chris said into context, it would not be wrong to assume that one of those details might possibly be the release date of the game.

Now since E3 is just around the corner, it is most likely that the Days Gone Release Date, could be unveiled during Sony’s E3 showcase. Still, that is a long shot for now.

Having said that, there is a lot of anticipation for the game and you would be happy to know that developers are working hard on the game trying to make it different than “Just Another Zombie Game”.

Sony has assured that even though it is a game that would center around zombies but the take and the progression of the game will certainly be very unique than the rest of the zombie-based games. Let hope that is the case.

Source: screenrant