How Days Gone is Trying to be Different Than “Just Another Zombie Game”

One of the most highly anticipated PS4 exclusives expected to land on PS4 is none other than Bend's zombie-apocalypse game titled Days Gone.

Days Gone is one of the most anticipated games that are to be released soon. Even though the game has been delayed all the way to 2019 and it seems like there will be a large wait until you can actually play the zombie apocalypse, that has not stopped people from speculating over what the game will be and how will it try to differentiate itself from all of the other zombie games that have been flooding the market ever since the advent of the DayZ mod.

Today, we will tell you all that we know about Days Gone so far. The main focus will be to inform you of how the game is different from the other zombie games. Of course, the game is still in development and there will be quite a lot of changes that occur between now and the release.

There is very little information that can be gleaned from the little that we have seen of the game, but we will try our best to condense all of the rumors and the news that is available to the public in one place.

Days Gone Different than Other Zombie Games

Zombie games were not that popular until the DayZ mode. Since the mod has been released, there has been a flood of zombie games of all types into the market.

Whether they follow the DayZ format and attempt to clone it to the closest possible degree or they leave you alone to fend off against a horde like Left4Dead2, the idea of zombie games and an apocalypse always fascinates gamers around the world and Sony has enough of a pedigree to ensure that people will be watching what they are able to do with the game.

Days Gone was first announced at E3 2017 with a short 2-minute trailer. There was not a lot of information released about the game after that but we got to see a 7-minute video of the game a full year later at E3 2017. At the core, Days Gone is a zombie survival game where an apocalypse has occurred and humans have become infected and turned into zombies.

The concept seems pretty simple and similar to the plethora of other games that are in the market. However, there have been enough revelations about the game to make us believe that this game will be quite different from the other ones.

The Story

The original reveal trailer that came at E3 2016 made it clear that the game will have an intense story. From the very beginning, we see the main character of the story explain to us everything about how the world turned. Towards the very end, we see him mention his wife over an old cinematic that plays of them riding a bike together. This means that the game may have an emotional touch to it.

This will be consistent with the biggest Sony release of 2017 as well (God of War 4) which unraveled the relationship of Kratos with his son.

It will surely be intriguing to see how the game’s story moves forward and what is the purpose of everything that the hero of the story does. Is it revenge? Apathy? Empathy? Or just a desire to survive? A good story in zombie apocalypse games is rare, and it seems like Days Gone will do a good job of filling the void of that in the industry.

The Enemies

A look at the 7-minute gameplay video from E3 2017 reveals how the game is different from other zombie games in a major aspect. In other games, the zombies seem to be the major focus of the game. All that you do is done in order to survive from the zombies and to keep the human race alive. However, a quick look at the trailer lets us know immediately that other humans in the gameplay in an integral part in the story.

The zombies are still by far the biggest threat, but the story is revolving around humans and how they seemed to have lost their minds after the apocalypse. The gameplay shows the main character trying to sneak past humans, who have decided to form factions and fight each other rather than work together to take out the infected like anyone who is sane would.

This is surely a good way to put a spin on the conventional zombie game formula as the zombies seem to be quite useful to you as well. The zombies can be used to take out your enemies and clear the path for you to actually chase your objectives rather than fight them mindlessly wave after wave.

The Zombies

The zombies are also quite a bit different from most games. It is almost as if Days Gone is trying to be a realistic zombie game (Yes, we know how that sounds!). The game has zombies which will die in one hit. It does not matter which weapon you are shooting from, all you need is one bullet and the zombies will be dead. However, the zombies are not loners. They move in literal hordes and you will have to deal with tens of zombies at one point.

The game will surely be quite interesting as you will be able to run from the zombies and then empty a magazine from your assault rifle into the horde to eradicate most of the zombies and then start running again. This will surely make the zombie chases way more thrilling than they are in games like Call of Duty Zombies and DayZ/H1Z1.

Days Gone will surely be an interesting game, and the wait will be quite unbearable for all of the people who like Zombie games. It seems as if we finally might get a zombie game which has amazing narrative and zombies which are difficult and easy to deal with at the same time. It will also be interesting to see how players utilize the zombies to their own personal advantage to kill off their enemies. Let us know your thoughts on the game using the comments section below!

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