Days Gone Is Not About Finding A Cure Rather More About Survival

The upcoming zombie-apocalypse survival game Days Gone, has been in development for over five years and various details have been rolling out every now and then. Some based on legit reveals while other originating from rumors and speculations. Although you need to be clear on one aspect of the game, that this game is not about finding a cure, rather its completely about survival.

The plot of the game is set two years after a global pandemic occurred, which has decimated the entire globe. Millions turned into feral cannibalistic creatures, known as Freakers.

The remaining humans have abandoned towns to seek refuge in the wilderness creating safe zones. Which simply implies that, this game is more about surviving.

Deacon St. John, a Road Captain of the Mongrels MC is one of the survivors of the epidemic. Who drifts through the wastelands of the pacific north-west, never staying in one place for too long. Which again implies that the players in the game will be moving from one place to another in order to survivor.

The player will mostly be taking work as Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary offering his services in exchange for supplies, so that too is a basic move to ensure safety and survival.

Having said that, some time back the director of the game Jeff Ross, elaborated on the game. He explained that although the game appears to be a survival game instead, it is more of a game “about survival”.

He further added that you will need to outrun enemies, craft useful items in order to make your way through the game.

Having said that, recently developers have revealed some more information regarding the game that the game will have multiple endings depending on the choice of the player.

Days Gone was first revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment at E3 2016. Currently, there is no exact release date set for the game, though, it is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2019.