Days Gone Has A Responsive World, Using Ammunition is Not the Best Idea

It’s already known that Days Gone features a relentless world which brings all the zombies, animals and even humans to come against you. There are no difficulty options and sometimes you will find it hard to survive in this responsive world.

You might be thinking that it won’t matter much if you have the selected weapons and you’ll be good to go but that’s not going to be the case. Sony Bend has revealed that the game will have limited ammo so you can’t just go around spraying bullets at zombies or enemies.

There is a different kind of zombie games available these days, one which has a very limited ammo and your every bullet counts, just like in The Last Of Us and the other one only stops you from killing zombies is when you are reloading.

Days Gone comes in the category of limited bullets and also will be more difficult and different from the other games you know about. Speaking to Geoff Keighley, developers revealed that the game consists of a system which punishes the player when they use an extensive amount of ammo.

Firstly ammo is rare to find and once you do, using them will attract everyone in the responsive world to you. As discussed before by the developers, the world is responsive and it keeps coming at you. The attackers will find you so it all makes sense now. The lesser the noise, the fewer chances of you getting bitten by zombies or getting attacked by a wolf.

Here’s a pro tip for you guys, stay in stealth if you don’t want to get frustrated as balancing the game has been one of the toughest challenges for Sony Bend. Developers have included this feature to give more choices to the player when encountering enemies.

Now it’s up to you to avoid or challenge enemies when the game launches on February 22, 2019.


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