David Jaffe’s “90 Percent Sure” Abandoned Involves Hideo Kojima

David Jaffe, hailed for his contributions to the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises, believes that Hideo Kojima is definitely behind Abandoned.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, Jaffe pointed out that an indie developer like Blue Box Game Studios would never risk its game with such “sort of bait and switch” tactics. Jaffe hence makes it a safe bet that Abandoned does involve Kojima in some capacity because when the truth about his involvement finally comes out, fans will be ready to forgive Kojima for his ways.

Officially, Abandoned is an indie horror exclusive for PlayStation 5 with a cinematic gameplay experience. Unofficially though, the game has been suggested to be either related to Silent Hill or to involve Hideo Kojima in some secret capacity. The rumor mill has even churned out bizarre theories like Blue Box Game Studios being a front for Kojima to work on his side projects in peace.

Shuhei Yoshida, despite being the current head of independent developer initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has “no idea” if Abandoned is anything but what is being shown.

Following a slight delay, the Abandoned: Realtime Experience app is now available for download on the PlayStation Store. It weighs around 5GB in size and features just a few seconds of a mysterious character and a creaky wooden floor. A lot of people waited all this time for just a few seconds of this. Like Jaffe said, no other developer would take such a risk, at least not a sane one at that.

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