Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Has “No Idea” About Abandoned

Abandoned continues to be marred by speculations and rumors and is definitely not in a place where developer Blue Box Game Studios wanted its first-person horror survival shooter to be near launch.

Abandoned was originally announced as an indie exclusive for PlayStation 5 with a cinematic gameplay experience. The game however has become horribly entangled in reports suggesting the horror project to be either related to Silent Hill or to involve Hideo Kojima in some secret capacity.

Taking to Twitter on the weekend, Shuhei Yoshida, one of the key faces of PlayStation and the current head of independent developer initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, chose to neither confirm nor deny the simple question of whether Abandoned was anything but what is being shown.

Yoshida stating that he has “no idea” about Abandoned has only caused the public to further carry forth their speculations. That if a Sony executive heading indie games is feigning ignorance about an upcoming indie game, there just has to be something more than what meets the eye.

Abandoned has been put in a difficult spot and despite multiple clarifications offered by Blue Box Game Studios, the public continues to believe that Kojima is somehow involved. Last month for example, Blue Box Game Studios made an announcement by teasing a blurred character wearing an eye patch who everyone took as Solidus from the Metal Gear franchise.

The rumor mill has even churned out bizarre theories like Blue Box Game Studios being a front for Kojima to work on his side projects in secret.

Following a slight delay, the Abandoned: Realtime Experience app is now available for download on the PlayStation Store. It weighs around 5GB in size and features just a few seconds of a mysterious character and a creaky wooden floor.

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