Dauntless Beginners Guide – Behemoth, Damage Types, Weapons

Dauntless Beginners Guide will help you get upto speed with everything basic tip you need to know about getting started with the game.

Dauntless released in 2018 is a co-op RPG that revolves around floating islands and beasts called Behemoths. Your primary objective in this title is to find these monsters and eliminate them using your capabilities and firepower. In this Dauntless Beginners Guide, you will learn the game itself, your primary objective in Dauntless. We will also enlighten you about your main target/ enemy and the challenges you will encounter in this title.

You will learn the basics as well as the advanced tips that will explain the mechanics as well reveal tricks, therefore improving your gameplay.

Dauntless Beginners Guide

As you begin this title, you will be urged to create your very own character, you will be provided with 12 different characters through which you can choose with full liberty. Other customization options include:

  • Appearance
  • Sex
  • Hairstyle
  • Face (Mouth, Nose, Eyes, etc.)

Dauntless mostly happens in a city called Ramsgate. This city has all the things you will need such as traders, merchants, and shops. These vendors are an important source of equipment that you will require during the game.

Always keep an eye on your map. If the map depicts a yellow sign, this means a nearby person wants you to work for him and complete quests.

On the other hand, you can go on a monster-hunting trip, check your hunt board as it will share the coordinates of the monster, available to hunt. However, before starting the hunt, select preferred weapons using the Loadout Menu.

The good thing about is that you do not need to face the vicious enemies alone, as you will be paired with three other players who have the same interests and objectives as yours.

During severe engagements, if you are injured, you can always heal using the blue craters. You will have to wait four seconds while pressing E.


In Dauntless, you will have to face some large monster called Behemoths.

These are very flexible as well as fierce enemies as they have different sets of attacks/moves that they will perform to inflict damage upon you. Every time you face these beats, they will try to perform new maneuvers and attacks, thus pressurizing you.

You will have to predict as well as learn these patterns of offensives in order to become better in this title.

However, these bulky monsters can be defeated and for that to happen, you will have to attack along with performing dodges after every interval so that these monsters can hurt you. The best tactic to engage them would be to:

  • Attack
  • Dodge
  • Repeat

The only way of finding these monsters is to actually go after them, initiate dedicated searches for them, they are smart enemies, therefore don’t leave any footprint or mark behind.

You can easily find them when playing in co-op mode as you have more manpower to search for them.

You can use vantage points, for efficient surveillance. You can easily spot a Behemoth when you are at a high point as they are large creatures.

Tips and Tricks

  • Learn adversary strike patterns.
  • Use the craters to heal, when injured.
  • Dodging gives you an edge against your bulky adversary.
  • Try to perform daily objectives to receive experience along with valuable rewards.

Damage Types
There are three different types of Damage Types in the game that are explained below:

Effective enough to knock down your enemy.

Targets and decapitates one part of the monster.

Inflicted using the likes of axes, blades, swords, and swords.

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