Dauntless Weapons Guide – Tips, Best Weapons

Dauntless Weapons Guide to help you learn all about all the weapons in the game, some handy weapons tips, and the best weapons that you can use in the game.

Dauntless released in 2018 is a co-op RPG that revolves around floating islands and beasts called Behemoths. Your primary objective in this title is to find these monsters and eliminate them using your capabilities and firepower. In this Dauntless Weapons Guide, you will learn about the available firepower, what type of weapons is provided to players, also methods of using these weapons effectively to counter adversaries like Behemoths.

Dauntless Weapons


Hammer is a powerful weapon, as it can take down targets that are equipped with protection items like armor. It is effective against large targets that take time to kill.


Sword provides with you the capability of playing in offensive as well as defensive mode. Swords are weapons that can let you maneuver fast while inflicting massive damage on the enemy.

In other words, Swords are a balanced weapon that beginners can use without any problem.

Chain Blades

Blades are versatile and light weapons that provide you with the capability to engage at greater range as well as play a fast-paced game. Chains Blades let you perform rapid movements around the enemy, therefore confusing and pressurizing them.


Axe is a weapon that is preferred by players who have a great experience playing this game. Timing is the key to an effective axe attack. It is heavy and requires a lot of energy to execute, however, inflicts great damage if executed properly.

War Pike

War Pike is a little different from the previous weapons because the impact of the strike creates a big wound on the impact area and incapacitates the enemy.

Ostian Repeaters

Ostian Repeater is the only weapon in this game that has great range and is powered by ammunition. This weapon is special and therefore needs to be unlocked by performing different quests.

Once the quests are completed, the weapon then needs to be crafted. Unlike previous weapons, Repeaters can be customized by replacing the four core parts of the weapon.

Best Weapons in Dauntless

All the weapons mentioned below are special as they inflict 100 damage on each hit with a rating of 550:

  • Valomyr’s Revenge
  • Molten Edict
  • Turmoil of Boreus
  • Stalker’s Strike

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