Darksiders 3 Vulgrim Guide

Our Darksiders 3 Vulgrim Guide will help you learn all about everything you can buy from this iconic DS3 vendor, enhacements, healing items, and leveling.

Our Darksiders 3 Vulgrim Guide covers every interaction you can have with this Merchant of Death in the game. We will cover everything you can buy from him while also focusing a bit on the Leveling System that includes this NPC.

Darksiders 3 Vulgrim

Vulgrim has been in Darksiders series from the very start and DS3 is no different. This capitalist demon is one of the two ways to gain attributes in the game. Feed him a desired amount of souls and you will get an Attribute Point.

You can only gain an Attribute Point by shattering Luminous Visages; it is a very rare item that is found throughout the world. Aside from that, Vulgrim is your go-to vendor for gaining Attribute Points in the game.

To gain an Attribute Point, you will have to go to one of his Serpent Holes and feed him desired souls. The number of souls needed to level up increase exponentially over the course of the game and it gets higher on higher levels.

The NPC features many consumable items as well which you can purchase with souls. It is advised to not make unnecessary purchases during the early levels and rely on the drops.

You can get these items through farming incandescent remains by scavenging environment, breaking, and looting the objects as well as killing enemies.

Spending too many souls on these items by buying from Vulgrim will only make it harder later in the game when you are short on those items. You will have visit any of the Serpent Holes to find Vulgrim.

Replenishing Meter Wares

Except for shards, you can purchase any consumable that can be found in the open from Vulgrim. Most of the prices may feel like a bargain at the start but they will increase with each purchase.

Darksiders 3 Bars
The shop has some artifacts, ingredients, and some special items. These items are costly but will come in handy if you cannot find them in the world.

Small Healing Shard
It replenishes a small amount of health and costs 250 souls on first purchase. Its price will increase from 250 to 500, 750, and 1,000 and so on.

Medium Healing Shard
It will replenish a moderate amount of health and keeps you save from lethal blows. It costs 500 souls at first purchase.

Large Healing Shard
This shard will replenish a very large amount of health and comes in handy in fights where you might get one shot. The shard initially costs 1,500 souls that makes it very expensive and its price will increase after every purchase as well.

Wrath Shard
Wrath Shard initially costs 500 and will go up from there. Consuming the shard will fill your Wrath Meter granting you a tremendous amount of rage.

Havoc Shard
Use of Havoc Shard will enrage you and will activate “Havoc” form – increasing your damage. Havoc Shards initially cost 1,000 souls that increase to 1500, 2,000, and so on.

Status Effect Shards

These shards can be purchased from Vulgrim and they will increase your attributes in the game. Some shards will increase your offensive attributes and some will increase defensive ones. These shards last for one minute with each use.

Strength Shard
Strength Shard will greatly increase your strength drawing its energy from the will of your soul and ideal for use against enemies who you want to kill as fast as possible or the ones you are having a hard time killing.

This shard costs 500 shards on first purchase.

Fortification Shard
Fortification Shard will increase your defenses and will come in handy against enemies who deal a great amount of damage. It costs 500 souls on the first purchase.

Frenzy Shard
As the name suggests, the use of the shard will increase your attack speed and help in dishing out a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It costs 500 souls at the start.

Thorn Shard
Thorn Shard will reflect damage on your enemies when they strike you. It will be helpful against those enemies who use many physical attacks. It costs 500 souls at the start of the game.

Undying Shard
Using this shard will prevent you from dying when you receive a fatal blow that will kill you. You will also receive a small health boost when the effect is consumed. It initially costs 1,000 souls.

Ingredients and Artifacts

Aside from consumables, you can also purchase ingredients and artifacts from Vulgrim.

Some of the items are in limited supply while others can be purchased for an infinite amount. Moreover, the price of an item does not change and will remain the same.

These items include Silver of Adamantine, Fragment of Adamantine, Piece of Adamantine, and Chunk of Adamantine that cost 800, 2400, 4,000, and 5600 souls respectively.

There are items are in limited supply only which includes Angelic Artifact and Demonic Artifact which costs 2,000 souls each and can be purchased only 8 times. You can also purchase the Essence of a Chosen once for a price of 5,000 souls.

Weapon Enhancements and Rejuvenation Cores

There are two Weapon Enhancements that you can purchase from this vendor one very early in the game and one when you can have enough souls to buy it. Both of them are must have one for early game and one for late game.

All of these items including Rejuvenation Cores can be purchased only once during the campaign of DS3.

Unfocused Fortified
Unfocused Fortified Enhancement is a Weapon Enhancement that can be purchased form him very early in this game. It is a must-have Weapon Enhancement that will help you a lot during the early game.

Unfocused Leviathan
This crazy good Weapon Enhancement is a must-have whenever you have enough souls to buy it.

When you have this enhancement, you will receive +3 lurkers when breaking objects as well as +30 health regeneration per minute. You can get this item for 5,000 souls.

Rejuvenation Core
There is a total of 4 Rejuvenation Cores you can get in DS3 and one of them from Vulgrim. Rejuvenation Core increases the amount of health restore by Nephilim’s Respite.

Each upgrade will increase the healing by 75. You can get one Rejuvenation Core from Vulgrim for a price of 5,000 souls.