Darksiders 2 Possessed Weapons, Special Items and Abilities Guide

Read our Darksiders 2 gear and equipment guide for an overview of possessed weapons, special items and abilities in the game.

Being the protagonist of Darksiders 2, Mr. Death is a dangerous being, but it does not mean that he is invincible. He will have to rely on weapons and gear that will help him to fight against the odds. Read on for our detailed information on Darksiders 2 Possessed Weapons, Special Items and Abilities for Death.

Darksiders 2 Possessed Weapons, Special Items and Abilities

Initially, Death just carries regular Scythes and almost naked body, making him vulnerable to more damage.

As a player, you will collect various items which as a part of Death’s Gear, will improve his battle skills. Among these items are the Possessed Weapons, Special Items and Abilities, which are rare but quite useful and gives death a considerable boost to fight against the corruption.

On acquiring a particular item, you can see it in your inventory and equip it accordingly. Let’s start with the Possessed Weapons:

Possessed Weapons

You won’t be finding a lot of these weapons in the shadowy world of Darksiders 2 but if you do come across one of these, make sure that you keep them along. How would you know that it’s a Possessed weapon? The prefix possessed will tell you that.

Now, the question is, how these weapons are beneficial? Apart from the fact that the name sounds astounding, one can upgrade these weapons five times which can make them even deadlier than a “Reaper’s Hand.”

To power up a possessed weapon, you can feed it with the other weapons which you don’t intend to use. You can do it five times so you always have a choice that which attribute you want to improve of the weapon.

For instance, a weapon with health stealing attribute can be a good option if you want your health regeneration to be faster.

The upgrade can sometimes get you health even more than a health potion. The same thing goes for the other attributes like strength and critical hits, etc. These weapons come really handy in the tough boss fights.

Special Items and Abilities

There are some special items and abilities that Death will acquire throughout the game. These abilities and items have significant impact depending on the need.

Bloodless Talisman
This Talisman allows you to slay the Bloodless when equipped. It is a DLC item for “Death Rides” and you acquire it from Draven during “The Bloodless”

It’s the first item given to Death in his long adventure. It’s actually his brother’s pistol that can literally fire infinite number of rounds (reloads over time).

The pistol does not do as much damage as one may hope, but it is quite a necessary equipment to carry along especially when you want to blow off the shadow bombs.

Death Grip
Death will acquire this ability when he about to leave Forge Lands. The ghostly hand extended by the protagonist can grab hold of the distant object by standing in his position.

Again, it may not be an effective move to take out stronger enemies, but if you want to grab a shadow bomb out of your reach, the Death Grip will be helpful.

You can also use it tactically in boss fights where you can quickly get closer, do some damage and then move away.

Another useful ability to get through the areas where Death can’t work along. The Interdiction ability will let Death take services of the summoned Dead Lords.

After a Lord is summoned (standing on the circle), you can aim at the environmental objects like levers, etc to issue orders. Furthermore, when Death Lord has fulfilled your orders (for instance, pulled the lever), you can use your Death Grip to get to the location of the Lord.

The summoned Lords can also assist Death in battle so you can use them when the enemy is giving you a tough time.

Soul Splitter
After you complete the quest for the Lord of Bones, your Interdiction ability will be replaced by Soul Splitter ability. Death will be able to Split his physical form in two mirror images.

The ability will help Death in situations where he alone won’t be able to get through. If you are stuck at some puzzle, keep these abilities in your mind before getting frustrated. The two souls, however, should stay close to the physical form or souls will be recombined if you stray too far.

Void Walker
Death will be able to open Warp Portals. You can fire at these blue portals across the realms and walk though them.

At one time, you will be able to open two portals only. You will acquire this ability near the end of the game. These portals can help Death access areas that otherwise, won’t be possible in normal situation.

Phase Walker
Just like the Void Walker, Phase Walker will let Death to walk through the green light portals. These portals, however, will allow his travel between present and past. The ability comes in use in Shadow’s Edge.

Horsemen Transformation (Reaper Form)
This is Death’s most powerful form in the game that can be accessed at the end of an attack sequence and it doesn’t require any Reaper energy.

It changes his appearance to a more skeletal look and due to his wings, he can hover or fly. Death’s attacks are also improved as it can deal out a lot more damage.

The amount of damage dealt depends on which stat is higher. A higher strength stat will affect all the skills within it while if Arcane is the more powerful stat then it will depend upon the Arcane Crit and Arcane Crit Damage stats.

Maker’s Key
This powerful item was created by the Makers so that they could make their constructs. Death gets it this item in the Forge Lands after restoring the Drenchfort and The Cauldron for the makers.

With this item, players can put a bit of their soul into a stone body and bring it to life, as well as control Custodians for a limited time.

Mad Smith’s Device
Mad Smith gives this Talisman to Death after collecting seven pieces of Chaos Ore. This allows you to get through the waters of the Shadow Lands with impunity.

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