Darksiders 2 Legendary Items Locations Guide

Death wants to save his brother, but the odds are against him. Survival is the key and if you don’t have the necessary equipment, the monstrous corrupt creatures will give you a hard time to get through. Darksiders 2 Legendary Items are the tools that can give you edge over the normal items with better offensive or defensive options.

However, before you can use them, you need to unlock/find them, which can be a tricky business. To facilitate you in your quest of finding these legendary items, we have this guide for you, giving on direction on how and where to find these items.

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Darksiders 2 Legendary Items Locations

Legendary Scythes

Chaos Fang
Location. You need to complete Darksiders 1 and get the completion achievement/trophy. You can then talk to Muria in Tri-stone and get the weapon.

Bheithir’s Talons
Location. You will get it after you defeat the boss of the nook.

Black Demise
Location. You will find it in Arbiter’s Maze if you manage to loot the secret treasure on the 5th level and find all the sacred tomes.


Barbed Defilers
Location. You will have to complete 51-75 of the Crucible waves to get this item.

Demonflame Renders
Location. In the first floor of the Black Stone, where you face off a couple of enemies (soldier and the champion), you will find a circular shaft on the east side of the dungeon. Inside the shaft, head to the lowest ledge and roam around a bit the find a hidden path there.

Move down the path and climb the back wall to find another hidden path. This is where you will be able to locate this weapon.

GnoMAD Scythes
Location. You need to find all the GnoMAD Gnomes (one collectibles type) to get this weapon.

Location. You can find it in Ivory Citadel, on the second floor. In south part of the map, where you solve a puzzle to get past the water pipes, find the corruption crystals. If you destroy these crystals, you will be able to reveal a switch that will open a gate.

Follow the water pipe to the end below to get to the weapon.

Location. In Fjord, you need to complete Blackroot’s stonebite side-quest.

Location. You can’t really unlock it in your first playthrough. For the second time, in the Veil, defeat the Icebound Guardian in NG+ mode to get the reward.

Legendary Secondary Weapons

Location. In the Well of Souls, defeat boss Absalom to get this weapon.

Achidna’s Fangs
Location. Defeat Achidna boss to have this secondary weapon.

Location. You need to deal with all 100 waves in the crucible in one session.

Dark Avenger
Location. You can have this item on defeating ‘Gharn’ in Cauldron.

Executioner’s Hook
Location. You will get this weapon as a reward on defeating ‘Soul Arbiter’ boss’ in Soul Arbiter’s Maze.

Fists of Elhazar
Location. While you are at earth and have escaped the Noss to the underground tunnel, you need to look for a room in the hotel with plenty of trash. There, you will be able to find a hidden alcove with this secondary weapon.

Gauntlets of Savegery
Location. In Tri-stone, you can have this item if you complete the DLC side quest for Karn.

Gorewood Maul
Location. You will have this item on defeating “Gorewood” in the Weeping Crag.

Lich Spines
Location. You will find it in the City of the dead (first floor). When you leave the central section with the statue and enter the north hallway, use the ledges to get to the item.

Mace of the Everflame
Location. In the black stone, defeat the boss “Samael” to receive this item.

Masher of Karkinos
Location. In the Drenchfort, defeat the boss ‘Karkinos’ to have this weapon.

Location. You will get it through the DLC code that comes along with the game.

Omega Blades
Location. You will find them in Shattered Forge. In the second floor, after fighting through the constructs, an underwater passage can lead you to shadowbombs pods where you can grab one and return to the previous location. Destroy the corruption crystals to reveal the weapon.

Scepter of the Deposed King
Location. In the liar of the Deposed King, you need to defeat the boss ‘Argul’ to have this item.

Spear of Storms
Location. When you are at Shadow’s edge (Death Tomb 4), you need to return all the pages of the book of the dead (collectibles) to unlock the area.

Location. On earth, you need o talk to ‘Uriel’ after you have finished off the related side quest.

Legendary Armor

Pauldron of the Horseman
Location. If you have a achievement/trophy from Darksiders 1, you can get the armor from Muria, a NPC in Tri-stone.

Abyssal Boots
Location. You need to complete waves 26-50 in the crucible to get this armor.

Abyssal Spaulders
Location. Completion of 76-100 crucible waves is the requirement to unlock this armor.

Abyssal Gauntlets
Location. In the Fjord, you will get it from Ostegoth after you return him the final relic piece.

Abyssal Armor
Location. You can have it on destroying the 12 pots in Death Tomb IV. It will automatically added to Death’s inventory.

Legendary Talismans

Assassin Talisman
Location. You need to complete 76-100 waves in the crucible to have this Talisman.

Blade Master Talisman
Location. You will need to find the 10 pages of the Dead and return them to unlock the area (inside Death Tomb 1).

The Crown of the Dead
Location. You need to defeat Soul Arbiter in the optional dungeon. You can unlock it by solving the maze puzzle in the area.

Demonheart Talisman
Location. In the Liar of the Deposed King (Death Tomb 2), you need to return 20 pages of the book of the dead.

Elemental Talisman
Location. In the crucible, you need to defeat the final challenge at wave 101.

Grim Talisman
Location. In Tri-stone, complete the Shaman’s craft side-quest for Muria to get this item.

Heartstone Talisman
Location. Complete 1-25 crucible waves to have it.

Hoard-seeker Talisman
Location. In Death Tomb 3 (LostLight), you need to return 30 pages of the book of the Dead to unlock the optional area that will get you the item.

Keen Talisman
Location. In Boneriven (Area 7: Burial Passages II), you will find it in the first corner as you enter the area.

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