Darksiders 2 Boneriven Dungeon Guide

Learn all the tips and strategies you need to complete the Boneriven dungeon in Darksiders 2 with the help of this detailed guide

Boneriven is a side dungeon in Darksiders 2 filled with tough opponents but those who clear it are handsomely rewarded. Remember that you cannot enter this place without the help of Soul Splitter. We have prepared a Darksiders 2 Boneriven Dungeon guide to help you.

Boneriven’s entrance is located at the top of the Sentinel’s Gaze.

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Darksiders 2 Boneriven Dungeon

Entering Boneriven

The first thing you should be concerned about is entering Boneriven. In order to enter, you must have possession of the Soul Splitter ability. Acquire this ability by returning to the Dead King along with all three of these Lords: Basileus, The Judicator, and The Phariseer.

After you’ve received the Soul Splitter, head to the Sentinel’s Gaze Dungeon in the Maw in the Kingdom of the Dead. You can enter from the west and north side of the entrance to the Phariseer’s Tomb.


Stalker Lair I
A menacing Undead Stalker and several Undead Prowlers greet you in the very first room. Stay in motion and unleash Death’s best skills as you combat these dangerous foes. Beware of the Stalker’s ability to unleash long, vicious attack combos when it nears death.

Stand on the central pressure plate after the battle and wait for the east gate to slowly rise. Sprint toward the gate after it locks into place. Make haste, for you have only seconds to pass through the gate before it slams shut again.

Coffin Corridor
This passage is filled with Corruption crystals, Shadowbomb pods, and coffins. after defeating your enemies, use a bomb to destroy the crystals in two places, exposing a chest and a pressure plate.

Stand before the north gate and split Death’s soul. Then, have one soul stand atop each of the two nearby pressure plates. Wait for the gate to fully rise, and then revert to physical form and quickly bolt through it before it shuts again.

Two Routes
The path splits in two beyond the second gate. Vanquish the skeletons, raid the chest in the east nook, and then go back to take the high trail. Slay more Skeletons as you follow the curve of the trail, and hit the Stonebite atop one of the stone pillars on the inside of the curve.

Clear out the area by defeating the Skeletal Warriors and Undead Prowlers that storm up to attack. Collect a Shadowbomb from the pod in the east nook and then follow the path around the curve, carrying the bomb down to the first floor.

Destroy the east Corruption crystals to open a nook that houses an ornate chest and a pressure plate. Open the chest to acquire the Dungeon Map. Split Death’s soul before the east gate and use the souls to trigger the two nearby pressure plates. Return to physical form and dart past the gate after it’s fully raised.

Stalker Lair II
Find the Boatman Coin in the north nook that lies just beyond the third gate. Go back out and you will find an undead stalker best him by dodging his attacks and using devastating combos. Follow the path as it winds up to the second floor, plundering a chest along the way.

Burial Passages I
Deathgrip a hoop to clear a gap and reach these bone-filled passages. Kill the Scarabs that lurk up here, and claim a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll from the third nook on your right as go ahead.

Leave the pressure plate at the end of the first passage and enter the next passage to the south. Loop around to find a Scarab Mound and a second pressure plate at the passage’s end. Destroy the mound to cease the tide of Scarabs, and then loot the two nearby chests. Head back a bit and claim a Boatman Coin from the south nook.

Split Death’s soul while standing atop the pressure plate near the north gate. Send one soul back through the burial passages to trigger the pressure plate you noticed a moment ago. With both plates depressed, the north gate begins to open. Hurry through the gate slaughtering more Scarabs as you make your way to the third floor.

Scarab Hulk Lair
Three formidable Undead Scarab Hulks combat you here. Focus on slaying the Hulks first, and then wipe out the Scarab Mounds. Once you’ve defeated everyone, you’ll cross paths with two more Scarab Nests. Kill them and receive a treasure chest to loot along with another gate puzzle.

Open the southeast chest after the battle, and then stand before the east gate and split Death’s soul. Move each soul onto the two nearby pressure plates before racing past the gate as you’ve done before.

Burial Passages II
There are no enemies here but it houses a number of prizes. Find a unique talisman in the first nook on the right, and a Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll farther ahead, inside another nook on the right. Three other nooks house chests that beg to be looted.

Treasure Chamber
A large chest rises from the floor when Death strolls into this final cavern. Rip open the chest to claim even more precious loot, and then fast-travel out of this forsaken place.

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