Dark Souls Crystal Lizard Locations – Where to Find Crystal Lizards

Crystal Lizards are rare enemies who drop a rare form of Large Titanite for equipment upgrades. They are tricky to find since they spawn only for once per playthrough in each area. Below you will find Dark Souls Crystal Lizard Locations to help you in looking for them.

These enemies aren’t the fighting type, so as soon as they see you, they run and try to escape you. You need to be quick in executing them or you will miss your chance. Though you can rest at the bonfire to make them respawn. Or you can reload the game if they escaped you the first time and if you are lucky, they may respawn.

Dark Souls Crystal Lizard Locations

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For the normal items, refer to our Items Guide. If you want rare items, find these lizards and kill them to get a rare item they drop off.

Undead Burg
Location. Search the barrel before the Taurus Demon.

Darkroot Basin
Location. Look for it near the slope opposite to the Hydra in the Waterfall.


The Catacombs
Location. When you use the first lever, jump off the bridge into a room on the lower right. You will find two Crystal Lizards inside – Guess what, it’s your lucky day.

Tomb of Giants
Location. Look for it along a narrow slope as you leave the darkness.

The Great Hollow

  • From the bonfire at the start, jump down to the fat branch. Move down to the wall and jump down to the branch below then to your left and finally to the platform below.
  • Continue on the path where you found the first lizards and you may get lucky. Crystal Lizards randomly appear on this path, so keep revisiting the area until you come across them.
  • From your starting point, look for a Crystal Lizard near the U-shaped bend in the main branch.
  • You will find it after you jump down from the Basilisk Nest.

Lost Izalith
Location. Take the shortcut passage which connects the area before the Demon Firesage and Corridor of the Prowling Demon for a suprise.

Dukes’s Archives
Location. You will find a Crystal Lizard on the stairs before your first battle with Seathe the Scaleless.

Crystal Cave
Location. Crystal Cave houses three Crystal Lizards. Jump down from the second Crystal Golem platform and land on the transparent platform below. Once you are on the transparent platform, look behind for a surprise.

Royal Cave


  • On the other side of the bridge, where you see Kalameet for the first time.
  • Get to the ledge close to the ladder which takes you to Kalameet, by falling down the waterfall.
  • Close to the elevator which takes you to Artorias the Abysswalker, it is present between some trees.

Oolacile Township

Location: On top of a blue pyramid roof, almost at the midpoint.

Chasm of the Abyss

Location: Near the entry

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