Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough – Firelink Shrine, Bell Tower, Shrine Rooftop

Firelink Shrine is the central hub in Dark Souls 3. In this area, you will find a couple of NPCs and some places to explore. After arriving in the area, speak with Fire Keeper downstairs and level up your character to your preference.

Once done, place the sword – that you obtained from Iudex Gundyr – in the extinguished Bonfire right next to Firelink Keeper to progress through the game or continue to explore Firelink Shrine and its surroundings.

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Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine Walkthrough Guide

Speak to the knight on the right-hand-side of the Bonfire and obtain the “Collapse” gesture. Once done, speak with Ludleth sitting on a throne before heading back down. While exploring the lower parts, you will find Shrine Handmaid who is a vendor. After speaking with her, try to purchase a Torch. You will also be able to buy Tower Key for 20,000 Souls which is used to explore the outer areas of the Firelink Shrine.

A little ahead, you will meet Andre the Blacksmith who can reinforce weapons, repair equipment, and change Estus Flask and Ashen Flask proportions. If you talk to him thrice, you will receive the “Hurrah!” gesture. Once done, explore the outer areas or travel to High Wall of Lothric by the Bonfire.

You can either head outside using the main entrance or an alternate exit. To find the alternate exit, face the main entrance, head to the stairs on the left side and you will find it at the top. After exiting the shrine, you will find yourself at the door of the Bell Tower which requires Tower Key from Shrine Handmaid.


You need to drop down from the coffins behind the tree and collect a Homeward Bone off a corpse. A little ahead, drop down again to find 1x Ember. From there, walk along the wall to find 1x Ember again. At the end of the stairs, eliminate two enemies, obtain East-West Shield from the tree, and continue ahead!

If you follow the leftmost path, you will find yourself at the entrance of the shrine. However, if you look straight ahead – on the left-hand-side of the entrance – you will see a man. Do not be fooled by his armor as he is extremely agile, tough, and deals a ton of damage. You can either let him be or engage.

If you wish to engage, be sure to block his attacks using your shield and counter-attack – also make sure to use Firebombs. Once defeated, the enemy will drop Uchigatana, Master’s Attire, and Master’s Gloves. As for the door behind the enemy, it should be locked unless you have already unlocked the tower door.

If you have 20,000 Souls to spare, purchase the Tower Key and head inside the Bell Tower through the alternate exit. Head through the long spiral staircase and a walkway above the shrine. It is here you will find a Crystal Lizard. Head inside the elevator and head all the way up to find a Fire Keeper Soul which you can give to Fire Keeper.

Once you are done, head back down on the walkway and find a coffin jutting out which will allow you to drop down into the pit. It is a dangerous drop and may require several tries – it is better to watch a YouTube video before attempting it.

After making the drop, obtain the Fire Keeper Robe, the Fire Keeper Gloves, and the Fire Keeper Skirt. From there, head down to find an Estus Ring on a corpse. Exit through the nearby door to get to the place where the katana-wielding enemy was.

Once done, return to the walkway and stop in the middle where the bridge has crumbled. You will find a pillar and a safe place to drop down. From there, look on the far side to find a lantern near the first tower and a ladder to kick down. You should also try and kill a Crystal Lizard to find Twinkling Titanite.

Back on the roof, you will find Snuggly the Crow with whom you will be able to trade items. Make sure to check out our Dark Souls 3 – Crow Trading Guide for more information.

After meeting with Snuggly, drop down onto the lower roof directly above the upper entrance of the shrine and obtain 3x Homeward Bone from a corpse. From there, move along the rafters to the center and obtain an Estus Shard.

Finally, head towards the right side of the building via upper stairwell and inside the castle turret. From the bridge, jump onto the rooftop of the shrine and drop down onto the lower level of the roof.

Head towards the front and you will see another stairwell leading into the building. From there, walk along the beams and towards the back of the room – the Illusory Wall should be right in front of you. For more help, check out our Dark Souls 3 – Illusory Walls Locations Guide.

This is all you can do in Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine. Head back inside and warp to High Wall of Lothric! If there is anything else you would like to ask, let us know in the comments section below!

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