This Dark Souls 3 Mod Lets You Become an Overpowered Boss

A new Dark Souls 3 mod is in the works that lets players feel that what it is like to be a overpowered boss.

Dark Souls 3 is known for its brutally high difficulty level and also for its frustratingly overpowered bosses.  Players are required to have knowledge of all its mechanics to succeed without watching “You Died” screen, and if you want to know what it is like to be a overpowered boss than this mod is for you.

A hardcore Dark Souls fan has released a video showcasing the mod that he has been working on. This Dark Souls 3 mod lets players to take control of bosses in the game. The modder also aims to introduce an offline two players arena mode in which both players can control bosses.

The official description of the mod in the video:

Controlling Pontiff Sulyvahn. I am showing work in progress mod. This is what we have achieved so far. It’s an early stage. Sorry for lagging PC got out of ram due to me coding stuff. This video shows how I control the boss and enabling BOSS POV Camera too. The goal of the mod is to allow player to control enemies and battle another player for OFFLINE 2P Arena Mode.

The mod is still under development, and we have no information regarding the release of this mod.

A couple of days a go another interesting mod emerged for Dark Souls 3. It is a mod that turns the third person perspective game into a first person.

The mod has been created by modder Zulliethewitch, and this mod is now available for download for anyone who wishes to enjoy Dark Souls 3 in first person perspective. Zulliethewitch has also created first person mods for both Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.

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