Dark Souls 3 First Person Mod is Out Now And It’s Pretty Impressive

There is a new Dark Souls 3 First Person Mod as well; you can download it right now and maybe you should because it is pretty impressive.

We have been told that apparently 10 percent of the Dark Souls 3 players are yet to touch the game let alone end it, maybe you guys could be pushed to play the game if the dynamics changed a bit. How about a Dark Souls 3 first person mod?

A fully finished and polished mod that turns the third person perspective game into a first person one has been released, and unlike what we were expecting it is really going a good job at it.

Dark Souls 3 First Person Mod

The mod in question has been created by the same girl who was responsible for the big cut folder of unknown data that had been circling around the internet, especially Reddit.

Modder Zulliethewitch has uploaded the mod files to Mega for anyone who wishes to try out the game in first person perspective, but before you hit the link we should tell you to do it on your own risk. Although the mod does not modify the files, we are not sure how will the developers react.

Also, before you download the mod, check out the video above to see how exactly it looks like.

It is worth pointing out here that Zulliethewitch was also responsible for creating first person perspective mods of Dark Souls the first game as well as Dark Souls 2.

Last but not the least, this Dark Souls 3 first person mod also works with the game after the latest update was rolled back yesterday for causing freezes.

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