Dark Souls 3 Catalysts Guide – Sorcery Staff, Pyromancy Flame, Talisman, Sacred Chime

Dark Souls 3 Catalysts are highly specialized weapon types that are used for non-melee combat.

As suggested by the name, these weapons don’t directly contribute in combat, but are mainly used to cast spells you have equipment in your Attunement Slot(s). Each catalyst does have its own requirements though, and will influence the amount of overall damage output a spell does through its base damage stat.

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Dark Souls 3 Catalysts

Dark Souls 3 Catalysts are a necessity for those looking to use magic in the game, be it sorcery, pyromancy, or miracles. Basically, most catalysts are useless (save for Melee Combat Catalysts) when you do not have a spell equipped in your Attunement Slot(s).

Melee Combat Catalysts
Not all catalysts in the game are non-melee combat weapons. These special catalysts are used as both melee weapons as well as catalyst. They are not common weapons though – these types of catalysts are extremely rare. When these weapons are equipped in the left hand, they act as catalysts, while in the right hand behave like ordinary weapons.

At the moment, only three are currently known:

  • Cleric’s Candlestick – A straight sword and catalyst hybrid obtained by transposing souls of the Deacons of the Deep
  • Heysel Pick – A special pick-axe type weapon that also behaves as a staff, and is used as a melee weapon as well as a catalyst
  • Golden Ritual Spear – This special spear acts as a staff as well as a thrusting spear.

Staves are the catalysts used to cast sorcery and dark (hex) spells. These special items almost exclusively cast sorceries, and rely on high Intelligence in order to be used effectively.

Save for a few exceptions, almost all Staff in the game scale with Intelligence. There are a few others that scale with Strength as well as Faith, though they are rare.

Most staff in the game have the “Steady Chant” skill as the weapon art. This weapon art increases the power of the next spell cast once it is in effect.

Pyromancy Flame
The Pyromancy Flame is a specialized catalyst used for Pyromancy. Unlike other catalyst types, there’s only one single Pyromancy Flame.

What makes the Pyromancy Flame truly unique though is that it has no stat requirement. This means that literally any type of build can equip a Pyromancy Flame and use the most basic Pyromancy spell (Fireball).

Pyromancy Flame is also unique in-terms of its reinforcement. Unlike other weapons, this catalyst does not require Andre to be reinforced. Instead, a special NPC named Cornyx can reinforce the Pyromancy Flame with Titanite.

Reinforcing Pyromancy Flame increases its base fire damage. Although there are no requirements for equipping the Pyromancy Flame, some of the more advanced pyromancy spells do have Intelligence and Faith requirements.

The Pyromancy Flame has the basic ‘Combustion’ skill as the Weapon Art.

Talismans are catalysts used to cast Miracles. Miracles are associated with the Faith attribute, and have a mix of defense and offensive spells. Talismans rely almost exclusively on Faith, but there are a few Talismans (White Hair Talisman) that scale with Intelligence as well as Faith.

Most Talismans in the game have a healing skill as their Weapon Art (either Unfaltering Prayer or Gentle Prayer). Of course, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule.

Sacred Chimes
Sacred Chimes make a return in Dark Souls 3, and are primarily associated with Miracles. However, there are certain Chimes in the game that allow one to cast both Sorceries as well as Miracles.

Most Sacred Chimes scale with Faith, but the ones that allow casting of both Sorceries and Miracles often scale with both Intelligence and Faith. Almost all Sacred Chimes have Gentle Prayer healing skill as their Weapon Art.

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