Dark Souls 3 Armor of Thorns Location Guide – Where to Find

Where to find Dark Souls 3 Armor of Thorns set which deals damage to each enemy its wearer collides into or rolls into with damage stacking with each piece.

Dark Souls 3 Armor of Thorns set is unique in the sense that it grants its wearer with a minute amount of damage whenever the wearer rolls into and collides with enemies.

Although the damage dealt stacks with each piece of Dark Souls 3 Armor of Thorns – there are a total of 4x pieces – the damage is still negligible.

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Dark Souls 3 Armor of Thorns

In case you are looking forward to trying out Armor of Thorns set in the game and seeing how it fares against other Armor Sets, here is a brief tutorial:

To obtain the Armor Set, make sure that you have not completed the Deacons of the Deep boss battle in Cathedral of the Deep. To get started, head to the watery area at the bottom of Cathedral of the Deep and wait until you are invaded by Longfinger Kirk – clad in Armor of Thorns.

Simply banish the Longfinger Kirk phantom, exit the area, and find the complete Armor Set in Rosaria’s bedroom. This is pretty much all!


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