How To Get The Warden In Cyberpunk 2077

Who needs a drill when you’ve got the Warden?

The HA-7 Warden is a Tier 5 smart SMG (submachine gun ) developed by Barghest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

It fires at a rapid rate and its fire rate increases with every shot, making it an all-round deadly weapon.

The Warden also comes with a mod slot and headshot damage multipliers; these perks will be discussed in detail in the latter sections of this guide.

The Warden SMG can only be unlocked by crafting in the Phantom Liberty DLC of Cyberpunk 2077. This action requires a Warden Crafting Spec.

How to unlock the HA-7 Warden in Cyberpunk 2077

The Warden, unlike the Hercules 3AX and the Rasetsu, cannot be unlocked after the successful completion of a mission. This weapon has to be crafted using a Warden Crafting Spec.

There are two locations where you can obtain a Warden Crafting Spec in Cyberpunk 2077. You can purchase one for an eye-watering total of 59,341 Eddies from the Black Market Vendor in the football stadium in Dogtown, or you can get one completely free of cost, and save a ton of cash.

Here’s how you can avail your free crafting spec. Head to the Heavy Hearts club and cross the road to the opposite side of the street.

Advance and you’ll come across a rugged wall with the word “Broken” spray-painted. There will also be a construction site next to it, with pipes and materials lying around.

Walk past the rugged wall and you’ll come across a yellow scaffolding next to some black and blue trash bags. Keep descending until you reach the lowest level of the alleyway.

You’ll find a container there next to a pink flamingo neon sign. Open the container and avail your Warden Crafting Spec free!

You can now use this to craft your HA-7 Warden. It doesn’t cost a lot; a level 5 Warden only costs 30 Tier 5 Item Components.

Warden stats, attachments, and mods

The Warden SMG comes with a default magazine size of 30 rounds; it also has a Smart Targeting module installed which allows it to lock on to targets in just 1.15 seconds. The Warden also comes in 7 eye-catching variants.

It also comes with a single mod slot, and a 50% headshot damage multiplier, which is perfect for spewing multiple enemy brains. Its unique characteristic is its rapid fire rate which increases after every shot. This can be difficult to control in the beginning, but once you get accustomed to it, you’ll find a very satisfactory rhythm to your shots.

Some more stats of the Warden SMG are highlighted below:

Attack Speed5
Reload Speed2.10
Effective Range23
Ammo Capacity30 rounds
Headshot damage multiplier+50%
Lock-on time to enemy1.15 seconds
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