Cyberpunk 2077: How to Unlock Racing in Night City

In Cyberpunk 2077, You won’t be able to spot street races in Night City when you first start the game. This is not a glitch, rather you’ll be able to explore the sport as part of a side mission. Follow this guide to learn how to unlock racing in the bustling Night City of Cyberpunk 2077.

Street racing in CP2077

You need to fulfill a few requirements to unlock street racing in CP2077. First, the players must finish the main quest, Double Life. Once the mission is completed, Claire Russel will call V. She will tell you she is in dire need of a driver for the street racing and offers you the proposal. If you express your interest in it, the “The Beast In Me” mission will be assigned to you.

The Beast In Me walkthrough

Once the “The Beast In Me ” quest begins, the first thing you do is head toward Claire’s garage. It will be located in Santo Domingo. Using the map go to the Arroyo District to meet Claire.
Talk to her, and she’ll explain the basic principles of racing in Night City. She will tell V that you’ll have to drive the car while she’ll sit by your side to attack the opponents. However, the race won’t start just yet. You’ll have to wait for Claire to call V again.

General Details

There are four places the street races take place. These are Badlands, City Center, Watson, and Santo Domingo. Head towards these locations using the map. These locations will be represented with some yellow marks.
Once there, Claire will contact V by text and you could respond to this message to show your willingness to her proposal. Note that each race will have a distinct entry.
Discuss with Claire, if you can use your vehicle for the race or the one she will provide. If you’re a beginner or in the early stages of the game, we recommend you go with the vehicle Claire provides because she will offer you her vehicle named Beast, which is a very durable and high-performing vehicle.
To begin the race, Claire will be seated to ride as a passenger and you’ll be the driver.

How to win the race

You should concentrate entirely on driving, during the race. Remember that the arrows on the track display the whole route. Drive appropriately through the control gates.
Pay attention to Claire’s comments, as most of these comments are relevant when there are impending sharp turns. Try to finish the race in the Top 3 positions, to earn credit points.
Clair will contact you several times for races and it’s up to you to accept or reject her proposal. That’s how you can unlock racing in Night City.

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