Cyberpunk 2077: How To Unlock Racing In Night City

There are some prerequisites to becoming the Street King.

There are street races happening all over Night City but you will not spot them when you first start your Cyberpunk 2077 playthrough.

This is not a bug. You need to prove yourself as a worthy racer by completing a side mission called “The Beast in Me” for Claire Russel before being able to participate in street races.

Once you have completed the main quest Double Life, Claire will call you. She will be in dire need of a driver for a street race. Show her that you are interested and complete The Beast in Me to unlock racing in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to start and complete “The Beast in Me” side job

The Beast in Me is a side job consisting of four races that you must participate in to become the Street King in Cyberpunk 2077.

Claire will ask you to meet her at her garage located in Santa Domingo where she’ll ask you to qualify for the three races in order to participate in the final race, The Beast in Me: The Big Race.

After speaking with Claire, a prompt will arrive on your HUD indicating the three races that need to be completed. The locations for the races will also be present on your map indicated by a yellow icon. The three qualifying races will be in Badlands, City Centre, and Santa Domingo.

The City Centre Race

The first qualifying race for the Beast in Me Side job is at the City Centre. As you arrive at the location, contact Claire and ask her if you want to use your own ride or hers.

We recommend using her truck as it is one of the best cars to use in the Beast in Me quest due to its sheer performance and durability however, if you have a faster vehicle you can use your own.

To begin the race, sit in your driver’s seat and wait for Claire to sit in the passenger seat as she’ll be focusing on attacking the street racers coming your way.

Focus entirely on driving and go through each checkpoint coming your way.  Follow The guided arrows indicating the directions of the track as well as listen to Claire’s comments about the acute turns coming your way to win the race.

Try to take the podium or finish in the first three positions to advance to the next race and earn better rewards.

Badlands Race

The second qualifying race is the Badlands race in Cyberpunk 2077. The race will play out the same as it did before however the terrain for the race will be a bit bumpy and during checkpoint 19 a sandstorm will hit, try to slow down your vehicle and follow the yellow arrows guiding you through the race.

Try to finish in the first three positions to advance and complete the last qualifying race.

Santa Domingo Race

The last qualifying race is located in Santa Domingo in Cyberpunk 2077. The race will be exactly the same as it was in the last 2 with only a minor change to the track. The track for the race consists of sharp turns and quick curves so try to not get comfortable with speeding and use your break often.

After completing the race speak with Claire to begin the final race called the Big Race.

During your conversation with Claire, 2 dialogue options will be prompted which can lead to a number of outcomes. If you decide to choose the first option of killing Sampson, Claire will be quite happy and you’ll be rewarded with her truck, the beast

If you decide to choose the other option to save Sampson’s life, you’ll be rewarded with both Claire’s Truck, the beast, and Sampson’s car, the Quadra type-66 Cthulhu

The Big Race

The Big Race is the final race in the Beast in Me side job in Cyberpunk 2077 where you race against Sampson, the alleged murderer of Claire’s husband.

Midway through the race, you’ll be given two options either to complete the race and win or follow Sampson. Choosing any of the two options will mark an end to the Beast in Me quest.

Should you finish the race or follow Sampson?

If you decide to follow Sampson, you’ll soon discover that he crashes his vehicle and is crawling out of it. You and Claire can go and attack Sampson and confront him about Claire’s husband’s murder.

An option will be prompted where you can stop Claire from killing Sampson however in doing so, you’ll find that Claire’s tone will be quite cold with you for the rest of the game.

If you decide to finish the race, Claire will eventually Kill Sampson and you’ll unlock both cars: the Beast and the Quadra type-66 Cthulhu.

Tips to win races in Night City

During street races, you may encounter sharp turns and difficult terrains which could lead to losing control of your vehicle.  Focus on going through all of the checkpoints and use the yellow guided arrows for the best possible racing experience.

While having Claire as your passenger, try to listen to her comments about the track and use them to your advantage. Claire will call out all of the incoming cuts and curves for you to take and gain a lead against your opponents.

This brings us to our second tip for racing in Night City which is using the best car at your disposal. If you don’t have a fast car to use, try using Claire’s car, the Beast, which is considered the best car for Claire’s races in the Beast in Me quest due to the sheer performance and durability of her truck.

The Beast in Me bugs and fixes

There are two main bugs that you can face during The Beast in Me gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Firstly, some players found the Type-66 Cthulhu not spawning in their garage after choosing to let Sampson live. This is actually not a bug. The car arrives a week after you receive the last message from Sampson. You can either wait in-game or skip time to get the Type-66 quicker.

Another bug that players have faced is Claire not spawning inside her garage during the start of the Beast in Me quest. If Claire doesn’t spawn in her garage, try to come back the next day at night as players have suggested that she works at the Afterlife bar during the day.

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