Cyberpunk 2077 Sweet Dreams Walkthrough  

Sweet Dreams side mission has V get abducted in Cyberpunk 2077 and has them break out of the kidnappers' hideout.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a robust main campaign and hours of engaging side content. There are many side missions and gigs to do that really expand upon the world of Night City. With the release of Phantom Liberty DLC, even more content has been added to Cyberpunk 2077, such as the Sweet Dreams side mission. 

This is an optional mission so you will not lose anything if you decide to skip it. But it is highly recommended that you play through it. Here is how you can complete the Sweet Dreams side quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to complete Sweat Dreams in Cyberpunk 2077  

This mission starts when you visit Stefan. He has some exclusive Braindances for sale but they have a hefty price. After that, you can use his equipment in the booth behind him to view them. But as soon as you do that you will get knocked out and wake up in a strange place. You have to retrieve your equipment and escape with your life. 

Retrieving Your Equipment

As you wake up, you will be stripped of all your belongings. Since you likely spent hours getting them, it’s recommended that you recover your stuff.

  1. Enter sneak mode and open the blue door in front of you after waking up.
  1. Take out the guard that is in the room. You can kill him or knock him unconscious, and then enter the room to his left. 
  1. After entering the room on his left, he heads to the wall hole leading to another room. There will be a guard on your immediate right; you can ignore him. 
  1. In this room, there will be multiple guards. You can Quickhack on a ceiling fan above them to distract them and sneak your way to the right side of the room. Your equipment will be in the cabinets on the right. 

Escaping the Scav Hideout 

After getting back your equipment, there are 2 ways that you can escape the Scav Hideout. 

  1. The Guns Blazing Method. You can use your equipment to blast the remaining Scavs to the Stone Ages. Start firing at every single Scav you see. But be warned there will be plenty of them as this is their hideout. So be prepared and then kill every single one of them. 
  1. The Sneaky Method. To continue in the ways of a stealthy Ninja, simply follow the guidelines on the map. Make sure to use plenty of distraction along the way via Quickhack. Sneak-kill any enemies that get in your way. This way, you can get out easily and without wasting much ammo. The Scavs will not know you were even there. Once you escape, the side mission will be over.
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