Where To Find Slider’s Stash In Cyberpunk 2077

Take a short trip to find a hidden stash of rewards.

Amongst the multitudes of stashes carrying hidden vehicles, weapons, and other objects in Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most well-hidden is “Slider’s Stash”, a stash containing a handsome reward.

The stash can be found in the mission “Voodoo Treasure” when playing the Phantom Liberty DLC, and what makes it difficult to find is the fact that the map only shows the general area where the stash is present, and the stash itself does not appear highlighted, even when using a scanner.

How to unlock and start “Voodoo Treasure”

Before playing “Voodoo Treasure”, you will have to complete a mission called “I’ve Seen That Face Before” in Cyberpunk 2077 where you will hide in the car of Aymeric and Aurore. This is where you will get to listen in on their conversation during which you will learn about “Slider’s Stash”.

After that, when Aymeric and Aurore are driven to the abandoned garage and end up dead, you will get the chance to inspect Aurore’s body.

While doing so, you must select the option “Search file – Blind_n_Dead” which will give you the access codes for the Phantom Liberty mission “Voodoo Treasure”.

Complete “I’ve seen that face before” and the mission that follows it, to be able to roam around Dogtown again and complete “Voodoo Treasure”.

Voodoo Treasure – Slider’s Stash location in Cyberpunk 2077

To find “Slider’s Stash”, you will have to go to the Needle, which is located on the district’s main street. At the slums underneath the Needle, you will find a shuttered-down store called Aesculapius Inc, the name being written on a large blue sign.

Right in front of the store, there will be a machine of sorts with some orange and white bins next to it. Inside the machine, you will find “Slider’s Stash”, to do which is fairly simple.

Just crouch in front of the machine, and you will find a keypad. On the keypad, enter the code “941229” to get Slider’s Stash in Cyberpunk 2077.

The stash itself contains 8000 Eurodollars, and a shard called the second installment which merely tells you that Slider was involved in some secretive dealings behind Kurt Hansen’s back.

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